• Jul 3, 2019

of the Cat are awake at night - it is, perhaps, one of the most widespread addresses to veterinarians. As a rule, it is about the nature of origin of pets, cats are night animals. Evolution created millions of years cat's such what they are today, people do still not know for what reason the cat does not allow to sleep at night: there are 5 main reasons which are not connected with the origin nature.

For What Reason the Cat Does Not Allow to Sleep at Night

of the Reason on which cat's do not sleep at night

. at night day it is a lot of reality of the reasons for wakefulness.

For a solution needs to reveal a provocative factor first of all.

Carry the following to the most widespread:


If Pet Timid

  • Often pets are awake when all family wants to sleep, if in the afternoon they are maloaktivna . So far owners at work, cats sleep peacefully, anticipating the forthcoming night merrymakings. As a rule, they entertain themselves (climb cases, under a bed, rush on all apartment) or try to draw attention of people (drag in a toy bed, jump and run on the owner).
  • Sexual hunting — too very widespread problem because of which pets can "go crazy" at night. Period duration at females and sexual hunting at males, as a rule, is 5−7 days. Only sterilization/castration or knitting will be able to solve problems. By veterinarians during the numerous researches it is proved that pets are forbidden to give the medicines stopping sexual hunting it leads to development of oncological diseases and formation of cysts.
  • If the pet timid, and indoors often are present fear sources : noisy devices, foreign people. In such situations often cat's hide in secluded places, and "have a really good time" at night as they are full of energy and forces.
  • the Stress — rather serious problem which contributes to the development of diseases. Often such states develop against the background of moving, change of the owner, the birth of the child, appearance of new pets. In the afternoon cats hide from eyes, and try to lead a habitual life at night.
  • of the Disease in an aggravation stage . As a rule, at such situation the pet reminds of himself not only at night, but also in the morning, in the afternoon. He is restless, often shouts, in every possible way tries to draw attention of the owner. It is worth addressing the veterinarian immediately.

Diseases at a Cat in an Aggravation Stage.

the Schedule of meal can have an impact on activity of cat's too.

The animal is recommended to feed several hours prior to a dream, a preferable product — meat.

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