• Sep 26, 2019

Improbable dexterity, sharp mind, independence and unusual appearance is what we so love cats for. The most mysterious animals live near the person already thousands of years, but we still do not know all mysteries of character. One of such secrets – for what the cat family needs moustaches and whether it is possible to cut off them?

For What to Cats Moustaches and whether It Is Possible to Cut Them

Why to cats moustaches

Moustaches or vibrissa are a hard hair which grow on both sides of a muzzle at cats. Usually their quantity does not exceed 24 – on 12 from each side. Color of vibriss depends on an animal color. At light, gray cats moustaches usually light. At more dark or tortoise vibrissa can be painted. But irrespective of it, all of them perform important functions:

  1. Orientation in space. Moustaches for cats play a role of one more sense organ. The same as ears and eyes, vibrissa help the pet to be guided with space. During daylight hours the animal is guided more thanks to eyes, but in twilight of it becomes insufficiently. Despite excellent night sight, in lack of light moustaches undertake a role of the additional assistant at explaining the ground.
  2. Point to mood of a cat. If to watch a domestic cat, it is possible to notice how the arrangement of his moustaches changes. It means that vibrissa participate also in transfer of moods. If the cat is quiet, then moustaches are pressed to a muzzle, kzad are turned. If the cat to be angry, becomes aggressive, then moustaches gather closer to a muzzle, tips address forward.
  3. Help in hunting. Cats as inherent predators, devote to hunting much time. Even the domestic cat with interest watches birds outside the window apartments. If to look narrowly behind it at this moment, then it is possible to notice how its vibrissa change – they disperse in different directions, sometimes slightly twitch. In the nature the cat by means of moustaches catches production smells, feeling its slightest movement.
  4. Help to move. The cat with the cut-off vibrissa will uncomfortablly feel even in the familiar room. She will be similar to the person who suddenly went blind for one instant. There can be problems with a miscalculation of distances to objects therefore the cat will move with difficulty. It is possible to notice how she will come across objects or clumsily jumps. Without moustaches the cat badly perceives distances.

And whether it is possible to cut moustaches

Definite answer to this question – is not present, it is impossible. But if suddenly it occurred, then, of course, the cat will not die. However the next weeks until vibrissa grow to the former size, the cat will feel discomfort. Its movements will be sure not such as before, and feelings of the environment will become weaker. If your cat was before a brave myshelov, then do not wait from it for the former number of production. Therefore you should not cut off vibrissa even if it seems to you that they too long – at moustaches are the term lives, they will drop out independently.

And if at a cat moustaches suddenly began to drop out

Owners can notice that the cat lost vibriss independently, without assistance. In this case it is worth suspecting malfunctions with health. Avitaminosis – one of the most common causes of loss of moustaches. Along with it at a cat wool can drop out, it becomes dim, and the pet – tired and sluggish.

One more reason – the shortage of protein. Quite often dropped out moustaches are observed at the feeding and pregnant cats. Their organism needs a large amount of protein as construction element. Weigh it to be spent, first of all, for kittens, and only then for the pet.

The reason of loss of moustaches at little kittens is interesting. Owners who often see posterity from the cat notice that one or several kittens run with short short moustaches. So mother cat marks especially violent children – she bites off to them moustaches, making kittens a little more careful and quiet. Without vibriss they will lose a part of the dexterity and a shustrost.

And whether will grow new

New moustaches in full length grow not less than a month. In 2-3 weeks of a vibrissa will become sufficient length, and the cat will cease to feel discomfort in movement and hunting. If loss of moustaches was caused by avitaminosis and malnutrition, then owners have to correct it.

In rare instances if the hair follicle was damaged, growth of vibriss will be complicated. It is possible if the cat endured a heavy tick-borne infection, a chemical or thermal burn. In this case, unfortunately, the pet will remain without moustaches. Over time the cat adapts to the new state, but will concede to peers in hunting abilities and dexterity.

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