• Aug 31, 2019

At any breeds and coloring of cats is the fans. But very few people will remain indifferent, having met "a red impudent muzzle" who and wants to be stroked and snuggled. However about this cat's color there are national signs. To trust in them or not – to solve to you, but it is worth knowing about them precisely.

Fortunately or on a trouble? Signs about red cats and cats

the Red cat in the house

First of all it should be noted that at domestic cats the red color is a result of a mutation of a chromosome of O (the person has no its analog). In the nature cats of such color meet many times more often than cats. Any who dealt with these animals could be convinced: males with the color similar black gray, with all characteristic strips and spots, are available everywhere. And here the female usually has white spots and is completely more red practically never is. Most often "three-hair" meet – animals with black it is red - white coloring of wool. Here genes of coloring are precisely linked to a floor, and 99% of three-hair are cats. If the cat of such coloring meets, then he is, alas, a sterile mutant.

As for signs, it is considered if in the house the cat or a cat was got red , then it is necessary to pay attention to his eyes. If they:

  • green – the animal is considered extremely strong, but at the same time disobedient and playful;
  • yellow – will be quiet and appeasable.

the Felinologists who are professionally studying cats still did not find any communication of a red color with character. The saffron milk cap can be both continuous walking trouble for the owner – and the phlegmatic favourite capable only to purr on hands at the favourite owner.

Before to bring in the house of a red kitten, in old times it was accepted to address the magician or the shaman. The matter is that, speaking to modern terms, "power" of these animals is extremely strong – and the specific red cat or a cat can appear as the keeper of the house ready to offer life to ward off a disaster, and the "power parasite" (besides, if to use terminology of modern psychics) who is slowly ruining the owner. Also in old times in Russia was considered that the saffron milk cap can not get on with the brownie therefore if after it appeared in the house, something silly began to be created (for example, the roof leaked, the cattle in a shed, etc. began to worry at night) – the cat should be expelled.

At the same time rather red cats who already live in the house (for example, as a part of a dung from ordinary domestic cats) the following signs worked:

  1. It is considered that the cat of this color (especially if his eyes red or yellow, but not green) brings good luck or monetary benefit to the house.
  2. Red cats suit red owners more.
  3. If the red kitten was given you – it is necessary to transfer by all means in reply at least the smallest coin which will be in a pocket. Otherwise he will not get accustomed and will run away or will die.
  4. Saffron milk caps are considered as grateful. If the owner loves them, irons, feeds tasty and speaks with them gently – that in life of the owner of a red cat by all means happens at least small, but joy.

Besides, to red cats also all other "cat's" signs belonged. For example, if the red cat was poured, but not in the house, and somewhere outside the yard or at all at neighbors – wait for a trouble: the cat feels approach something bad and tries to save the children.

the Red cat on the street

In the Russian culture there are no special signs connected with saffron milk caps on the street. If about black cats and cats the gloomy legend that they portend a trouble to that whose way they ran across – that any signs that the red cat or a cat brings good luck or failure no goes.

The following came from Europe to us:

  1. The saffron milk cap brings wealth – therefore if there is an opportunity, he should be allured to itself.
  2. If the saffron milk cap stole a march on the man from left to right – that he will meet soon the woman with whom he will sincerely fall in love and if from right to left – acquaintance which will come out only little flirtation takes place. The direction in which the red cat stole a march is not important for the woman – anyway it foretells only accidental acquaintance which will not come to an end in anything serious.
  3. If you see a cat's fight in which the red cat was a winner on the street - it is to an unexpected gift or to accidental income on which it was impossible to count.

Any bad signs connected with red cats or cats no. Therefore if the cat roams on the street, then on him it is not necessary to pay special attention, let live life, he will definitely not do harm. But if there is desire, it can be fed or taken away home: from it it will be good also to you, and a cat.

If a vagrant cat was beaten to the house

Long since was considered that if the red cat came to the house – she should be kept or to feed at least to satiety. The ungrateful owner will wait for trouble. If he banished a saffron milk cap, to it surely there will be something bad. However, if it is precisely known that it not a vagrant animal, but neighbour's – it is necessary to prick up the ears and check whether someone tries to transfer sorcery the troubles to you, having hung up them "on a tail to a cat", such magic practice is. In this case it is necessary to clean the house, having magically or just bypassed it with the lit church candle and with reading prayers around. Certainly, it does not belong to cases when you feed up foreign cat, and he came for delicacy or when on spring the red cat came running to your cat – there is no magic.

To vagrant red cats, even taking into account superstitions, it is necessary to treat as any other animals who meet to people. The main thing what it is necessary to remember is that the street cat is often sick or managed to fasten parasites. Therefore if you decide to retain a saffron milk cap – by all means carry it to the veterinarian and check regarding diseases and worms, and her – wash up with anti-flea shampoo. It is not necessary to save on health of pets.

A red cat or a cat bring good luck. But even if you do not trust in signs or magic – it will become worse not if you take away home a kitten or an adult animal. Cats are magnificent, and red – some of their best representatives. The saffron milk cap will receive a cosiness and leaving, and you – a right and devoted being who will live with you nearby.

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