• Jan 13, 2020

not to lead communication with an animal up a blind alley and not to cause in it aggression, examine the gestures reporting about change of mood of your favourite.

From love to hatred: how to understand that the aggressive cat any more does not play

Claws are not hidden in small pillows any more

When the cat already played enough and wants to have a rest, she begins to show the warning aggression. Inviting to gambol, the pet is able to afford to take slightly you teeth or to hook a pad, without showing at the same time the teeth. Otherwise, the fluffy prankish ceases to hide the sharp weapon in small pillows.

The cat begins to make the menacing sounds and preduprezhdayushche releases claws.

Change of position of ears

To avoid aggression from the pet, it is necessary to learn to read language of a body of an animal. Cat's ears, each of which represents the most difficult system from thirty two muscles, are also capable to signal about change of mood of a pet.

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The ears turned back report that the cat is revolted with the events and is on the verge of aggression. If ears are pressed to the head – do not come nearer: the furious animal is eager to attack you.


Impatience which the cat begins to test in relation to the one who just played with it, but already fairly cloyed, can be expressed in the movements of a tail of an animal.

If your pet fluffed up smart "loop" and begins to swing it here and there it means that he feels obvious irritation, it is possible even anger. When the tail begins to knock literally on a floor, it is a strong indication of aggression.


A cat's look – a kind of nonverbal communication of an animal with representatives of the look or with the person. If your pet expressly severely does not take aside eyes it means that in it aggression and unwillingness to continue a game arises.

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Owing to the increased territoriality of a cat have no especially warm feelings of rather potential opponents. And the owner who "cloyed" at the moment being in one room with an animal is perceived as the rival or the competitor, the conflict with whom begins with a fixed long look.

Such nonverbal contact significantly differs from that with which the cat presents the owner, being in fervent and playful mood. When the favourite still wishes to play about, his eyes are goggle, and pupils are expanded. About any tranquility in a look even the speech does not go.


One more great way to express the emotions cats chose a wool raspushivaniye. So the animal reports that it in rage from the events.

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The cat tries to frighten off the opponent, having reared wool along the ridge. If indumentum of an animal is in such state on all surface of a body, then the speech about aggression does not go: most likely the animal feels pain.

Having learned to understand and to correctly interpret language of a cat's body, you will never become for the pet object of aggression.

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