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of Frontlayn for cats. On sale several options of medicine are presented, the choice depends on a condition of an animal, his age, weight and other features.

Frontlayn's Medicine: drops and spray for cats and kittens the effective and safe medicine destroying fleas, vlasoyed, ear pincers

the Description of medicine

of Frontlayn for cats

Frontlayn for cats is developed for extermination of skin and ear parasites. Medicine struggles with adult insects and larvae, completely saving a cat from an illness. Means is issued in the form of drops or spray. Medicine is non-toxic, belongs to the category low-dangerous . An expiration date – 2 years from the issue date specified on packing.

Frontlayn from fleas in the form of drops is intended for drawing on withers. Oily liquid with a characteristic pharmaceutical smell is packaged in disposable plastic pipettes which to use very conveniently. On sale there are 2 options of means. Medicines differ with intensity of influence and structure. The choice depends on reaction of an animal. The veterinarian will help to pick up the necessary medicine.

Drops from fleas Frontlayn Spot-On are packed into the pipette of blue color. are included In structure of means the following components:

  • fipronit;
  • бутилгидрокситолуен;
  • butylhydroxyanisole;
  • ethanol;
  • эксципиент.

Medicine is applied to skin in the place inaccessible for a slizyvaniye. After absorption the protective barrier is formed within 48 hours. Frontlayn Spot-On is suitable for fast removal of skin parasites and prevention of infection with fleas. Prevents scabby dermatitis, works softly, it can be applied to kittens aged from 2 months pregnant and the feeding females.

Frontlayn's Medicine: drops and spray for cats and kittens by
of Frontlayn for cats it is developed for destruction skin and ear паразитов

Фронтлайн Kombo differs in more saturated structure. Medicine is placed in the green pipette, it begins to work in 24 hours after drawing. The effect of use remains within a month. are included In structure of means components, strong, but safe for cats:

  • fipronit;
  • поливидон;
  • polysorbate.

Medicine protects cats from fleas and ticks. The Frontlayn Kombo pipette, the instruction for application and a box blister for storage is included in the package. Drops are suitable also for treatment of an otodektoz. Means is non-toxic, however it is impossible to assume that the pet pinched medicine.

Soft Frontlayn spray will be suitable for treatment of animal small breeds and kittens. It is packaged in the plastic bottles of various volume supplied with the convenient spray. Means is used for treatment and prevention, one packing is enough for several applications.

As works as Frontlayn (video)

When drawing on skin medicine quickly is absorbed and collects in sebaceous glands. Death of parasites begins in several hours. Fipronil gets through cellular membranes, paralyzing the nervous terminations and causing paralysis of insects. Obsemeneniye of wool stops, larvae and the laid eggs perish. In 24 hours is formed a protective barrier, interfering repeated infection.

In several hours after drawing at a cat the itch stops, she feels better and does not suffer from stings of fleas. Medicine does not irritate the small wounds formed when combing. Repeated processing is required only at a strong invasion. Medicine effectively protects from the ixodic pincers, vlasoyed and other parasites menacing to cats. Means works within a month, after that the procedure is repeated. Usually Frontlayn for cats is used in warm season when the animal walks much.

Medicine Frontlayn: drops and spray for cats and kittens

Medicine is suitable also for destruction of ear pincers. At the started otodektoz consultation with the veterinarian is recommended. Medicine has accumulative action and warns from secondary infection.

Frontlayn in any form treats low-toxic drugs. Active components do not get to a blood-groove and do not influence work of a liver, kidneys or heart. Residues of substance are brought out of an organism gradually, without making negative impact on an animal organism. Empty pipettes and bottles are utilized together with household waste.

Medicine Frontlayn: drops and spray for cats and kittens

of the Indication and contraindication

Medicine in any form is registered at:

  • existence on hair of an animal of vlasoyed, louses and fleas;
  • the skin dermatitis caused by parasites;
  • otodektoza.

Frontlayn can be applied also to prevention. Medicine is applied on hair of the animals having free access on the street. Such processing is recommended in areas with high activity of pincers. Medicine in the form of drops or spray is suitable for treatment of cats of all breeds. Overdoses are not recorded. Contents of the pipette are designed for animals weighing from 2 kg. It is not recommended to carry out processing along with other medical procedures as active components in various drugs can weaken action of each other.

Despite high efficiency, medicine has also contraindications. of the Drop of Frontlayn cannot be used for:

  • 2 months are younger than kittens;
  • animals weighing less than 2 kg.

Spray from Frontlayn's fleas can be applied to treatment of kittens of any age, sleek-haired cats, small animals weighing from 1 kg. Individual allergic reaction to active components will become a contraindication for use of medicine. At detection of a skin itch, severe vomiting or other negative symptoms reception of means is stopped, use of soft antihistaminic medicines is possible.

Medicine Frontlayn: drops and spray for cats and kittens

Instruction for application

Processing of an animal occupies no more than half an hour . Before starting it, it is recommended to read the operation manual attached to each packing. If for treatment drops are chosen, it is necessary to cut off a tip of the plastic pipette accurately. Wool between shovels of a cat is moved apart by hands, oily liquid is applied to skin by a thin strip. Medicine is quickly absorbed, it is not necessary to rub it. It is forbidden to wash a cat in 2 days prior to the procedure and within several days after it. Any moistening of wool of the pet is undesirable, it needs to be protected from a rain or dew. If in the house there live several cats, it is necessary to limit their contacts in order to avoid mutual licking. Children should not iron the favourite within 3-4 days after processing.

Frontlayn Kombo in the form of drops it is possible to use for treatment of an otodektoz. At first the auricle is carefully cleaned from brown crusts by means of Q-tips and special low-fat lotion. Then 5-6 drops of medicine accurately join an ear. The cat needs to be held strong that she did not shake the head. The auricle develops and is carefully massed, means has to be absorbed completely. At severe infection processing is repeated in 4-5 days.

Medicine Frontlayn: drops and spray for cats and kittens

spray is suitable Frontlayn for processing of kittens and sleek-haired cats. > it is better for strong to carry out the Procedure in the open air. Before work ears, eyes and a nose of a cat are moistened with water, wool is combed by a brush or a crest. The bottle is stirred up and sprayed, keeping at arm's length 15 cm from an animal. Means is evenly distributed on all body, including paws, a tail, the head, a stomach. It is important to watch that medicine did not get into eyes and an animal mouth. On 1 kg of weight of a cat 2-4 pressing a pomp of a bottle of 250 ml are required.

It is not necessary to rub spray, medicine begins to work right after absorption. If necessary the cat can be bathed already next day after spraying by spray. If in the house there live several animals, it is necessary to carry out simultaneous processing. It is recommended to spray with medicine a laying of a cat or her favourite chair. Such procedure with guarantee protects from pincers and secondary infection warns.

If the cat accidentally sliznut medicine, it is recommended to give her a lot of water and to watch closely a state. Nausea and vomiting with a small amount of foam is possible. Sometimes the cat refuses food. If symptoms do not pass within several hours, it is recommended to address the veterinarian.

the Review of means for cats from fleas and pincers (video)

Responses of owners

Owners of cats highly appreciate medical qualities of medicine. They note speed of action, a minimum of contraindications, good tolerance animals of different age. At the correct dosage and accurate drawing medicine does not cause side effects

Most often Frontlayn Kombo use for treatment of the cats infected with fleas, louses or vlasoyeda. Veterinarians recommend to process animals, it is a lot of walking on the street or living in nurseries. At dense contents the risk of appearance of skin parasites significantly increases. Medicine yields good results at protection against ixodic pincers, need for use of special collars vanishes.

Owners of animals note high efficiency at treatment of an otodektoz. It is hard to get rid of an ear tick, Frontlayn Kombo for cats helps not only to destroy already available parasites, but also to prevent the subsequent infections. Medicine does not cause discomfort, allergic reactions meet seldom.

Medicine acts on all fronts, killing fleas, protecting from stings of pincers, warning allergic dermatitis. The only lack of medicine – high price. However this minus is quite compensated by numerous advantages among which – profitability, softness and efficiency, simplicity of application, non-toxicity and a broad spectrum of activity.

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