• Nov 4, 2019
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of Preference in kitchen of people of the world – about eating of cockroaches, grasshoppers, worms – many know and tried them - it is usual delicacies in Asia. A stewed cat – a traditional Swiss dish for Christmas. Locals tell about this feature of the ethnic cuisine to tourists a little. The legislation of the European Union forbids to use cat's meat in food, but it does not mean that it is not eaten. Delicacies from cats are prepared not only in Switzerland, and in Peru, Vietnam, China and Madagascar.

of Peru

Gastronomic nightmare: 5 countries in which still eat cats

In times when Peru was colony of Spain where brought the ships from Africa slaves for work on plantations. Nobody cared for their food, they had to find food. Cats were the most convenient option. Today it is possible to find cafe where will prepare cats in the remote areas. Also there takes place the festival in Day of Saint Iphigenia — the patroness of the black — in the town of La-Quebrada on which the koshatin can try. Street and domestic cats do not eat, for this purpose there are specially grown up animals. Judges of these small animals, say that their meat can be compared to meat of a rabbit, also claim that it helps from many diseases. To prepare their labor-intensive process: at first day soaks with herbs to get rid of a smell, then starts the main cooking of a dish.


Gastronomic nightmare: 5 countries in which still eat cats

In the north of Vietnam it is extremely seldom possible to meet cats, they are izlavlivat and sold. Meat of animals is considered expensive delicacy. Inhabitants consider that the koshatina has wonderful properties capable to cure heart and pulmonary diseases, also gives forces, dexterity and appeal. Institutions in which prepare cats are forbidden, but they are. Delicacies are also in demand, the price reaches 90 USD. Homeless animals are caught in Laos, Thailand, China and delivered smuggling to Vietnam. Painfully kill an animal, and at the expense of adrenaline meat becomes more tasty.


Gastronomic nightmare: 5 countries in which still eat cats

Cats dishes it is widespread not in all territory of China. Special attention is paid in South side of the Province of Guangdong and in Guangzhou. There are farms on which grow up animals on slaughter. Chinese of this region are convinced that dishes from koshatiny will help them with fight against tuberculosis, asthma. There is a lot of opponents of eating of cats, they do not cease fight in protection of pets.


Gastronomic nightmare: 5 countries in which still eat cats

Every third resident of Madagascar tried or eats cat's meat. There is no explanation for this fact, eat: the aging, died, hit animals. These it is quite dangerous as their meat is most often infected with infections and diseases, can become the reason of spread of such serious diseases as botulism, Lyme's disease, typhus and toxoplasmosis. The country is not rich, but inhabitants do not starve. Koshatina – one more cheap dish, a protein source for people of this country.


Gastronomic nightmare: 5 countries in which still eat cats

Preparation of a Christmas dish in Bern, Jure, Appentsel, Lucerne differs from traditional in Europe. Here like to stew cats as rabbits, in white wine with garlic, a thyme, rosemary. These animals are also served for festive dinners. Under laws of Switzerland, cats are a private property. It is forbidden to scoff at an animal, and for the rest, the owner can do that wants.

Street cats eat rats, birds who are carriers of a serious illness. Often they are bitten by fleas and ticks that is reflected in all organism of an animal. Dealers in cat's meat often undress and prepare in insanitary conditions, do not check meat for quality. Eating such animal, the person puts the organism on trial which can end in hospital chamber.

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