• Feb 17, 2020

the American shelter of Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Northern Carolina made the honest summary for the ward Perdita. Volunteers christened it "the worst cat in the world" and submitted the announcement to the newspaper which would have to frighten off potential owners. But everything turned out absolutely opposite, now a cat with disgusting character – a star of social networks.

Cat Perdita

the Shelter made the most honest summary

Perdita shows a severe look and a haughty look to all workers of a shelter. In its white list there are no favourites, in the opinion of a cat with disgusting character – all people the persuasive and not deserving attention beings.

When volunteers were puzzled with similar reaction of a cat to the world around, they decided to show it to veterinarians. But no deviations at an animal were found, either nervous breakdowns, or a stress. The verdict of doctors was unfavourable: "terrible character".

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To find to Perdita the suitable owner, trustees did not begin to dissemble and made her the most honest summary. In it they explained that they do not hate the spiteful fluffy beauty at all and do not try to get rid of her, just want to find the owner her a match.

The person can bridle Perdita's temperament only with iron will and enormous endurance. In the summary it is specified that the mean cat does not stand kittens, pink color, despises dogs, Disney's animated films, Christmas holidays, and, above all – embraces and caress.

But adores horror films, hide-and-seek in the dark room and sudden landing from height on the head to the potential victim.

the New house has to correspond to Perdita's character

Volunteers and users of social networks are sure that Perdita deserves the new house, but she has high requirements both to owners, and to the territory.

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Offering a cat the living space which is not meeting its high expectations of life the potential owner risks to be examined from the head to the heels by the most chilling look in the history of fauna. Even the meeting with a polar bear will not seem such terrible as expression of a muzzle of the most spiteful cat in the world.

Perdita will give preference to the unsociable person who will not break her personal space and will not forget to fill a forage in a bowl in time. In exchange she promises not to jump to it on the head and not to rush under legs when it goes with a cup of hot coffee from kitchen.

She got to fall in love the Internet the severity

Despite quarrelsome character, Perdita ascended to a throne of the queen of social networks. Some were so delighted rough temperament of a cat that was christened her mascots of 2020.

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To adopt the fluffy knave about 200 applications – unknown figure even for little kittens were submitted. But preference was given to Joe and Bettie's married couple from the county of Monroe.

The procedure of transfer to "happy owners" did not manage to be imprinted for history, Perdita hissed and disappeared from a lens. But it is known that from now on she will be called Noel in case the nickname "Perdita" irritates her.

Commentators from social networks were glad to a happy ending of this story. They wished to "the worst cat in the world" of happiness in new family.

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