• Nov 21, 2019

to Everyone animal, wild or house, are necessary conditions for comfortable existence. If wild animals in their native habitat have to care for themselves, then the owner can quite provide to domestic cats such cosiness. Here several main objects in the apartment, capable to please your favourite:

Habitat: what will brighten up to a cat life in the small apartment

Window sill

It is possible to assume that sitting on a window sill, the cat just walks, watching the events on the street. Through an open window the sounds and smells helping it to make own picture of the world around reach it. The four-footed fluffy with pleasure watches the falling leaves hurrying somewhere people and for birdies who draw with the chirping attention of a kitten. Many cats and cats just like to lie down and warm the tummy on the sun. Try not to encumber strongly a window sill with excess objects, having left more space for the favourite.


Cats are not indifferent to houseplants. to organize a green corner in which your cats will be able to spend time. The main thing to select the plants completely safe for your friend, many of them like to play with leaflets or to gnaw them. Also some cats dig out the earth in a flowerpot. That it did not occur, you can close the earth in a pot large pebble or cones, for watering it is not a hindrance and the cat will not manage to approach it too close. In a green oasis your favourite will feel happy.


For convenience of a cat and the owner in the apartment it is necessary to establish a kogtetochka, and it is better a little. If you do not want that your upholstered furniture turned into tatters, and wooden – into sawdust, this thing is simply necessary for you. Cats, as we know, big fans to sharpen claws better if they for this purpose have a specially allotted place. In order that the pet got used to this wonderful subject rather, it is possible to sprinkle it cat's mint or to buy the kogtetochka which is already impregnated with mint.

Spacious tray

In the apartment the choice of a spacious tray is also very important for comfort of a cat. It is necessary to choose a tray rather big size that the cat could be developed there freely. As for cat litter – them now in any shop great variety is on sale. It is possible to experiment with them though every day, yet you will not pick up necessary. And for convenience of the owner it is desirable to establish a tray in the place which can easily be washed.

of the Toy

Cats very much like to play. For satisfaction of their hunting instinct they need toys which can be driven. Best of all balls will be suitable for this purpose, it is possible with a call inside. It is also possible to buy a clockwork mouse, the main thing to be convinced that your pet is not afraid of such toys. One more favourite toy for cats is the rod – represents a stick on which end there can be feathers or strings. In a word, if at a cat are the toys, then excess energy he will vent on them. And in the apartment where 2 cats live more, a game will provide more peaceful co-existence of pets.

Box or basket

Your kitten has to have the berth. It can be the usual basket or a box laid by a plaidy, and in shop it is possible to buy a special lodge for cats or a stove bench with high sides that the cat did not drop out from there. If the pet gets used to have a rest only there, then it will simplify a task and to the owner as during cleaning of wool will be much less, and for the most chetverony friend it is joy, he had an own post for which nobody applies and nobody will borrow.

The domestic cat needs to allocate a cozy corner, its personal space where he will be able to relax and have a rest. Your pet will be able to feel the full member of family and will present you with the love and caress.

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