• Sep 22, 2019

in the Morning, before leaving of owners, animals see off them, and meet in the evening. But what is done by favourites in their absence? And whether it is lonely them if they are in the apartment absolutely alone, without other animal?

Whether Happens to Cats and Cats It Is Boring


Are able to miss cats

Recently scientists found out that cats social animals and that they need communication with relatives. Here the speech can go as about association to groups for survival, and simple communication with other cats. However there are also cats individualists who will not accept other relatives on the territory. Therefore, communication with other animals is not necessary for them. Here it is necessary to watch that everyone had the bowl for food and a tray because "owner" will fight for the property.

However, most often animals can be quietly at home, being engaged in the hobbies: to look all day out of the window, to try to creep in hard-to-reach spots and to study the switched-off computer and the monitor of the TV.

How to understand that your cat misses

However all animals different. To one murlyka it can be comfortable alone with itself, and another can feel loneliness and apathy. Fortunately, there are signs by which it is possible to determine that your favourite needs "friend" for games and communication.

Sharp change of behavior

If the cat was active, playful earlier, always rejoiced to arrival of the owner, and now became closed, unfriendly, "sunk" into the thoughts is a dangerous sign. First of all it is necessary to address the veterinarian. If the animal is completely healthy, then quite possible explanation of similar behavior — a depression of an animal because of loneliness.

By a tray

If the pet began to spoil on different corners, first of all it is necessary to exclude problems with health if they are absent - it is a strong indication of the fact that he is dissatisfied with something. Most likely it is revenge for the long and sad days spent without you.

In the apartment disorder

If after work owners find out that initially quiet cat suddenly arranged disorder, broke off books, pillows, wall-paper, literally everything that badly lies - it is such call for help of a pet. When at a cat there is a lot of stress, she does not know as from it to get rid, remove stress and begins to overturn literally everything around upside down.

Would be a big mistake to abuse a murlyka for it, she already had a big stress.

Too often "washes"

Of course, cats very clean animals, however for cats "licking of" are something bigger, than simple respect for personal hygiene, but also a peculiar psychotherapy. Animals are absorbed by reduction of the fur coat in an order more, than usually if have a stress or are in the depression caused by boredom. Also excessive loss of wool can be sign of a depression, but in this case it is necessary to check just in case and health of a cat.

of the Dream does not happen much

Yes, scientists expected long ago that cats sleep for 18 hours a day, but so the rest of the time of day animals have to stay in cheerfulness and active games if, of course, are not ill and are not in advanced years.

However if leisure of a pet is limited completely to a dream, then it is worth pricking up the ears. Try to call the pet from a lethargy in some safe way, for example, a toy with cat's mint. The cat jumped and was fond of a game? Absolutely it is clear — she slept because there is nothing to be engaged more. And if the cat remains sluggish, despite all your tricks, better to see a doctor.

But what to do if you work hard and you stay at home a little

So, symptoms of a depression are revealed, but what to do if you constantly are outdoors, and get the partner for games not everyone can? There is a solution!

Dark "corners"

To cats love "corners" where they could hide which are available only to it, neither the person, nor other pets. For a warming up of interest put toys there and whenever possible make several such places in the apartment. It can be both simple cardboard boxes, and the whole game multystoried centers. Also do not forget to buy a kogtetochka.

Classical toys

The animal needs to be played often somewhere to use the energy. Them it is possible to make with own hands. For example, to tie to a thread a bow and the cat will try to catch pads it. Or to take a brilliant wrapper from candy or a foil, to curtail into a ball and a murlyk it will be played with it in soccer.

Also in pet-shop it is possible to get the chewing and smelling toys.

For pets there are also more difficult toys now. For example, there are toys with a laser beam. In their basis the mechanism, the "pulyayushchy" laser in different directions. When choosing it is important to pay attention to existence of the timer and different operating modes of the laser. So you will be able independently to determine operating time of the device that the battery was more slowly discharged, and the toy did not break.

The choice of complexity of a toy depends on temperament of an animal. If the cat is quiet, he will suit simpler toys. If does not sit still, then creative.

Care for the animal and do not allow it to miss for anything!

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