• Apr 19, 2019

Today many people get cats at home. Making the decision on acquisition of the pet, it is necessary to remember that his health and life expectancy in many respects depend on products which it uses. Veterinarians give 9 advice on healthy nutrition of a cat which will help to make for her the balanced diet.

Healthy nutrition of a cat: 9 councils of veterinarians

For a pet it is necessary to approach drawing up the menu with a big share of responsibility. B it will be helped by the following recommendations:


Healthy nutrition of a cat

  1. does not need to give to a cat cow's milk . From 4 — 6 weeks the organism of a kitten becomes completely ready to adult food, and milk is digested every day harder and harder. To enrich an animal organism with calcium, it is possible to give it in small amounts cottage cheese, curdled milk or kefir.
  2. By drawing up the menu for a cat it is necessary to consult on the veterinarian. If the owner decided to feed the favourite with natural food, he will need the help of the expert. Only the veterinarian will be able to make for an animal the correct menu with the optimum content of useful substances. Besides, he will prescribe additional vitamins and biological additives.
  3. Cannot give to cats food from the refrigerator . Cold food can provoke spasms and cause vomiting.
  4. For feeding of cats it is the best of all to use the factory balanced forage of high quality.
  5. It is necessary to feed animals at the age of 1 — 3 months five times a day, and from 3 to 6 one or four months. After half a year of the pet it is necessary to transfer to three meals a day, and on reaching a year — on two times.
  6. Cannot give to an animal the food intended for people .
  7. The pet needs to provide free access to clear water.
  8. should not mix forages from different producers .
  9. It is not necessary to give additional vitamins to a healthy animal who eats the factory balanced forage.

Observance of these simple rules will allow the person to provide ideal conditions of existence for the favourite.

If the animal tests any indispositions, it is necessary to consult as soon as possible with the veterinarian.

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