• Jan 14, 2020

Health of a Maine Coon – a question which is important for any owner. Cats of breed a Maine Coon are how healthy, than they are ill most often and how to prevent diseases?

The Maine Coon Yawns a Photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pixabay

Main diseases of Maine Coons

There is a number of diseases to which Maine Coons are predisposed more, than to others.

  1. Most often diseases of Maine Coons are connected with functioning of a cardiovascular system. These large cats have a genetic predisposition to a cardiomyopathy. Important when choosing a kitten mey-kuna to learn whether the predisposition to this disease was transferred to it.
  2. Quite often Maine Coons have an urolithic disease.
  3. the Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints – one more quite widespread disease of Maine Coons. This disease of Maine Coons is not fatal, but is very painful, and can turn your cat into the disabled person.
  4. the Spinal and muscular atrophy – one more disease which occurs in Maine Coons.
  5. Purulent diseases of joints – the disease of Maine Coons connected with joint injuries.
  6. Arthrosis – the disease characteristic of elderly cats of breed a Maine Coon.
  7. Pustulous diseases of skin of Maine Coons – result of penetration of stafilokokk into skin through scrapes, scratches or wounds.
  8. Eczema – a scourge of Maine Coons who have sensitive skin. Low-quality care of a cat can be the cause of eczema.
  9. nephrite – a disease of kidneys can become a Consequence of catarrhal or infectious diseases of a Maine Coon.
The Maine Coon Grey and Striped Lies on a Floor a Cat a Cat of a Photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pixabay

How to keep health of a Maine Coon and to prevent diseases

The important part in maintaining health of Maine Coons is assigned to prevention.

  1. it is obligatory annually for a vatsiniruyta a cat even if your Maine Coon does not leave the house. Owners – on clothes or footwear so stay of the house – not a guarantee that the Maine Coon will not get sick can bring an infection home.
  2. Regularly you carry out processing from worms, fleas and pincers.
  3. do not neglect preventive visits in a vetklinik.

As a rule, strong so if you well look after a cat, correctly you feed her and you do not forget health of Maine Coons about prevention of diseases, the pet will long please you with the society and to feel excellently.

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