• Jan 13, 2020

The character of the Himalaya cat is defined by breeds which served as primogenitors "gimalayets": Siamese and Persian cats. The character of the Himalaya cat differs in bigger playfulness and activity, than at the Persian cats. And at the same time the Himalaya cats are less emotional and more obedient, than Siamese. It is possible to tell that the character of the Himalaya cat is "golden mean".

 the Himalaya cat of a photo

On a photo: Himalaya cat. Photo source: https://www.thehappycatsite.com

the Himalaya cats are quick-witted and clever , well study, find a common language with all family members. However, the Himalaya cat, as a rule, to one person so will become the ideal partner for the lonely owner becomes attached.

The character of the Himalaya cats distinguishes tranquility and affection. They do not go into conflict with other animals. Them it is possible to teach to walk on a breast-band. And thanks to appeasable character, the Himalaya cats favourably perceive all procedures for to leaving for them.

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