• Jan 13, 2020

Features of the description of the Himalaya cat

As the Himalaya cat is a result of crossing of Siamese and Persian cats, in fact, the description of the Himalaya cat can be reduced to the fact that it is the Persian cat of a Siamese (Himalaya) color. Siamese and Persian ancestors defined also character the Himalaya cat.

 the Himalaya cat of a photo

On a photo: Himalaya cat. Photo source: https://www.catfoodinsider.com

Distinctive features of the description of the Himalaya cat: the stocky, dense trunk which is slightly shortened and roundish, a broad chest, quite short, strong and direct legs, large and strong paws. Between fingers of the Himalaya cat – wool bunches.

The Himalaya Cauchy's tail short, but very magnificent is, as a rule, lowered down.

Head of the Himalaya cat wide, round. The muzzle which is rounded off a forehead convex, cheeks chubby. The muzzle is wide, however not so flat, as at "Persians". A nose wide and short, at the basis – distinct dredging. Ears are small, on the ends rounded off, are widely placed and slightly inclined forward. On tips of ears – fluffy brushes.

Eyes are round, big and expressive. Color of eyes of the Himalaya cat – bright blue, however not so bright, as at their Siamese ancestors.

Hair of the Himalaya cat dense and long, silky and soft. On a neck – smart "collar" which passes to breasts into "shirtfront". Length of hair of the Himalaya cat – more than 10 cm are quite difficult to Look after it.

Colour of the Himalaya cat

The color of the Himalaya cat is characterized by a center of contrast color on ears, a muzzle (mask), a tail and legs. Color of a trunk of the Himalaya cat evenly light. The mask has to close a muzzle, but not pass to the top part of the head. To ears the mask is connected by only thin "paths".

At a color of the Himalaya cat there can be all colors characteristic of a Siamese cat: chocolate, dark brown, red, lilac, bluish and cream, cream, tortoise, lynxes or striped. Small pillows of paws and a tip of a nose have to be in harmony on color with marks.

Kittens of the Himalaya cat are born

white and short-haired, and characteristics are fixed only by 1.5 years.

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