• Jan 13, 2020

Other names of breed (outdated)

  • Algerian cats
  • Ethiopian cats.

of Breed, created with the participation of an Abyssinian cat

  • Somali (from the long-haired Abyssinian)
  • Singapore (presumably, result of crossing of Abyssinian and burmansky cats)
  • Asian tabb
  • Australian smoky (inherited from Abyssinian a tiking and colors)
  • Abyssinian-Persian (the died-away breed, result of experiments of 1950 — the 1960th in crossing which purpose was a transfer of an Abyssinian "red" gene to the Persian cats)
  • Abyssinian керл, or Abyssinian Rex (result of accidental crossing of a german-reks and Abyssinian cats)
  • an Abyssinian bobtail (the local name of an Abyssinian cat with a short tail, or a hybrid of Abyssinian cats and Japanese bobtails)
  • an Abyssinian ontsilla (the died-away breed which was parted in the Netherlands in the 1960th).

History of breed Abyssinian

According to a legend, the history of breed an Abyssinian cat originates to sacred cats of Ancient Egypt who were considered by the live embodiment of the goddess Bastet. This legend is fed by obvious similarity of Abyssinians to Ancient Egyptian images. But, most likely, manufacturers of Great Britain just made a number of efforts to keep and enhance this similarity.
 the Abyssinian cat of a photo On a photo: Abyssinian cat
British in the sixties began to part of the 19th century
of Abyssinian cats, officially the breed was registered in 1896. At the first exhibitions of visitors informed that the homeland of cats — Abyssinia, from here and the name of breed. In 1929 in Great Britain the first club of fans of Abyssinians was created.

Exists also the third version of history of breed an Abyssinian cat in Europe according to which these cats arrived to us from Southeast Asia at all, but not from Africa.

at the beginning of the 20th century in England breed appeared on the verge of disappearance, however revived again in the thirties the 20th centuries in France and in the USA.

participated In creation of breed also the British short-haired cats therefore Abyssinians became more heavy and phlegmatic. To return them cheerfulness and ease, flowed blood of Siamese.

breed is divided Now into two types: European and American. "Americans" are larger, with less expressed chin, ears are put more widely.

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