• Jan 13, 2020

The history of breed the American curl is conducted from the homeless kitten who is picked up in 1981 in California. The kitten had unusual curved ears. Possibly, it is result of a natural mutation.

the Kitty were called by Sulamif and when she got posterity, among cubs appeared 2 (though some sources claim that 4) a kitten with curved ears. These kittens also became the ancestors of breed which is presented in two versions now: long-haired and short-haired. Formation of short-haired breed went longer: the first kerla were long-haired. And even short-haired representatives bear in themselves the hidden gene of a dlinnosherstnost therefore among kittens "woolly" come across.

If to cross a kerl to an ordinary cat, at least a half of kittens will have the turned-out ears. Other kittens from a similar brood will be called "kerl-streyt". They can be used for breeding work or sell as ordinary pets.

the Important stage in the history of breed an American curl — participation in exhibitions. For the first time American curls were presented at an exhibition 1983. The long-haired version was recognized in 1985, short-haired — a little later. Thus, kerla became the first breed recognized at once in 2 versions: short-haired and dlinnoshersty. Standards differ only regarding wool length.

the American curl "participated" in creation of breed raffl-reks: "product" of crossing of a kerl and kornish-reks.

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