• Jan 13, 2020

the Historical homeland of the Angora cats — the province Angora (Ankara) in Turkey. Together with the Persian cats they were delivered to America in the 18th century by east merchants.
 the Kitten of the Angora cat of a photo
On a photo: kitten of the Angora cat

Charles Darwin considered that the Angora cats are descendants of wild palassky cats, however subsequently this hypothesis was rejected.

Is the version that the first the Angora cats were cultivated by Tatars.

at the very beginning of exhibition the Angora cat recognized only white individuals with blue, amber, green, copper or multi-colored eyes. Now purely white Angora cats becomes less.

the Angora cats at one time turned out under the threat of disappearance, forced out Persian. But the zoo of Ankara made efforts and kept breed of the Angora cats in purity, breeding the "real" (white) Angora cats.

the British standard describes the Angora cats as "oriental long-haired (Angora)", and Americans call them "Turkish Angora".

breed "the Angora cat" recognized Now almost all felinological associations in the world.

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