• Apr 4, 2017


The British short-haired cats appeared in Great Britain in the 1880th years. They descend from not purebred room, street and farmer мурлык. For several centuries the type of a cat with bright round eyes and short plush wool was created. They were distinguished by good health, aristocratical character, endurance, skill to communicate and outstanding hunting qualities.

The breed was for the first time presented at an exhibition in 1871. The family tree was made in 1898. Was originally only recognized color blue.

To the middle of the 20th century the breed practically disappeared. Restoration began after World War II, at the same time made an attempt to improve a gene pool. To the British flowed blood house short-haired, Russian blue, chartreuses, but mainly Persians.

In the 1950th years the British short-haired cats got different colors, however blue still is the most popular.

In the 1990s of the British short-haired crossed to cats of east breeds, it diversified colors even more.


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