• Jan 13, 2020

Other names of breed Don sphinx

called this breed "Don" In the beginning, then – "Russian". Later by analogy with the Canadian sphinx the name "Don sphinx" appeared.

History of breed Don sphinx

the History of breed the Don sphinx began in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) in 1987. The homeless kitten found on the street and who almost lost a wool cover became the primogenitor of breed. In the beginning the lack of wool was perceived as a disease symptom, but the bessherstnost was quite steady against treatment, moreover, it was transferred to the next generations. Unlike the Canadian fellow, at the Don sphinx a bessherstnost gene — prepotent, so, manifestation probability in the next generations is high even if to cross the Don sphinxes to "ordinary" cats.

to strengthen viability and to increase a livestock of the Don sphinxes, crossed them to the European short-haired and Siberian cats. However now crossing with other breeds is not allowed.

the Important milestone in the history of breed the Don sphinx — recognition and the approval of the standard. The preliminary standard of breed was approved in 1994, and two years later the Don sphinxes registered in WCF.

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