• Jan 13, 2020

Ancestors of the European short-haired cats lived in the cities and rural areas and throughout centuries developed without influence of the person. And even earlier probably belonged to a kind of the African wild cats whom Romans delivered on the North about 2 millennia ago. However breed the European short-haired cat is a result of careful selection over the Central European cats. The grace and beauty, appeasable character and health were the main selection criteria.

 the European short-haired cat with green eyes of a photo

On a photo: European short-haired cat. photo Source: https://www.hillspet.com

Purposeful selection work there began British, and in 1903 at an exhibition presented a brown and tiger cat by the name of Ksenofenon. And this cat started an exhibition career for 10 years before, however did not make success.

Later the relay was picked up by selectors of Germany who paid attention to excellent abilities of the European short-haired cats to catching of rats. And "The unsurpassed rat catcher" by nickname Wastl von der Kolueng was presented at an exhibition in Berlin in 1938.

In different regions of these cats know under different names: tiger cat, marble cat, kipreysky cat.

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