• Jan 13, 2020

Other names of breed

Meynsky, meynsky (American) shaggy, American enotovy, American (forest) long-haired, снэгхед, Yankee.

History of breed

The breed appeared in the USA in the 1860th years and descends from rural cats who arrived in America with the first settlers.

There is an opinion that in Maine Coons blood of the British short-haired, Scandinavian and Russian long-haired cats and also, perhaps, "natives" from the East "merged".

During natural selection Maine Coons bought dense dense wool, and the large sizes helped them to hunt and survive successfully in severe climate.

The name of breed is translated as "A raccoon from the State of Maine", however these cats remind raccoons only a color.

The first Maine Coon was presented at an exhibition in New York in 1861. By the beginning of the 20th century the popularity of breed decreased, however by 1950th years increased again.

In 1976 officially registered the standard of breed.

Presently Maine Coons enjoy wide popularity. For example, in the USA they on the second place. The breed was recognized in all countries, however the British standard slightly differs from American. At the British Maine Coons more round muzzle, more oval eyes, ears of the average size.

Maine Coons "applied a paw" to creation of the following breeds: American forest short-haired (a Maine Coon with short wool), a Maine Coon рэкс (a hybrid with kornish-reksy or german-reksy), the renegade (a hybrid with the Bengalese cat – attempt to bring the biggest cat in the world), si-kuna (a hybrid with a Siamese cat).

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