• Jan 13, 2020

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Still a consensus about stories of breed and origin of the Russian blue cats .

Presumably, the Russian blue cat conducts a sort from Russia, however already in the Middle Ages got to Europe from Arkhangelsk on the English merchant ships. However, at that time in Europe there were short-haired cats of a similar color therefore Russians blue did not cause a stir and were not allocated from lump. They were also called not Russians, and Spanish, Maltese, just foreign.
 as looks the Russian blue cat of a photo
On a photo: Russian blue cat. The photo is provided by nursery of "Lukosan"
Is data that in 1875 Russians blue participated in an exhibition (the class including all cats of blue color). Then they long time were presented at exhibitions in one class with the British blue. These cats received the status of separate breed only in 1912, and in 1939 the name "blue Russians" finally was assigned to them and they were allocated in a separate class.

the Standard of the Russian blue cats practically did not change for all the time of existence of breed. Only in the forties the 20th centuries as a result a prilitiya of blood of Siamese cats Russians blue became even more graceful.

breed is well-known Now around the world, including in Great Britain, the USA, Australia and Germany.
On a photo: Russian blue cat

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