• Feb 6, 2020
History of cat breed-sided is rather new.
Appeared-sided accidentally during cultivation of naked cat breeds. The natural mutation led to the birth of the kittens who had high temples around a peephole on ears, a nose and a muzzle. Cats rare gray-black wool which in different places thin skin was appeared through covered.
 the Cat of breed a-sided photo On a photo: cat of breed-sided
the Analysis of DNA showed that-sided – all this not sphinxes, but a kind of a domestic short-haired cat. Similar mutations took place earlier, however before nobody seriously thought of purposefully to part a similar miracle of the nature.
is significant July, 2010 the fact that the black short-haired cat from the State of Tennessee gave birth to two unusual kittens, and manufacturers made the decision to continue an experiment.
the First question which interested all it is really a mutation or an illness unknown to science. Kittens were carefully investigated by cardiologists, dermatologists, analyses of DNA and blood were taken. All veterinarians agreed in opinion that kittens are absolutely healthy. And from appearance, as we know, not to drink water.
the Manufacturers inspired with a favorable verdict of doctors crossed
two-sided. On September 14, 2011 Datsian's kitty was born.
In 2012 cat breed of-sided was registered in TICA – the felinological organization. Now development of the program of cultivation of cats of breed-sided is conducted.
 the Cat of breed a-sided photo On a photo: cat of breed-sided

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