• Jan 13, 2020

History of breed Siamese cat quite ancient.
of Siamese cats – Thailand. It agrees one of versions, Siamese cats arrived in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Couple of "Siamese" served as a gift from the king of Siam (modern Thailand) to the British consul.
 a cat On a photo: Siamese cat
throughout many centuries of history of breed Siamese cats lived before in Buddhist temples where monks looked after them and considered sacred animals – mascots of the royal family. Therefore to receive such cats as a gift was great honor.

On the remained drawings it is possible to see that once Siamese cats were striped, however the striped cats living in Thailand are not too similar to modern exhibition "Siamese".

the Majority of temple cats had a break on a tail tip, and this feature generated many legends.
According to one legend, Siamese cats protected precious vessels therefore slept, having wrapped up a tail around valuable property and having thrust a tip into a mouth. Therefore the tail became hooked.

Other legend says that the princess, going to bathe, strung on a tail of the accompanying favourite cat of a jewelry. And that values were not lost, the cat had to bend a tail tip. Cats tried so diligently that it was not succeeded to unbend a tail any more.

On the third legend, the princess were pursued by robbers, and the frightened girl hid in rooms, and her devoted cat implanted a tail into a keyhole that robbers did not manage to unlock a door. So the tail also became broken.

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