• Nov 14, 2019

Cat's claws grow throughout all life, but because domestic cats lead less active lifestyle, than their wild relatives, claws do not manage to grind off in the necessary measure. It can lead to the fact that excessively grown claw will cling to surfaces and to prevent your pet to move fully. Therefore even "manicure" is necessary for cats.

House manicure: How to cut to a cat claws without pain and nerves

Examine paws

Before a hairstyle it is necessary to consider the pet's paws attentively. Claws of cats quite transparent and if to look narrowly, then it is possible to see a pulp — area where there are blood vessels. It is impossible to affect her at a hairstyle categorically. The infection at damage of vessels can get to an organism of a cat not to mention that it will bring to your pet not the most pleasant feelings.

Prepare the pet's paws

Accurately massage paws of a cat. She has to understand that you do not hurt it. Slightly press a small pillow so that the cat released claws.

Calm an animal

Stroke the pet that he was not nervous. The majority of cats will escape and try to escape therefore the procedure of cutting of claws can be carried out together or just to wrap the pet in a towel, having pulled out only one paw. It is also important to remember that it is not necessary to cut an animal if it is in wild spirits. The best time for a hairstyle of claws — after a dream or food. Try that the animal felt comfortable.

Plan length

Plan length which you are going to cut off. Do not forget that the pulp cannot be touched. If you cannot make out it, then illuminate a claw a small lamp. It is necessary to cut off at distance 1-2 mm from a pulp.

Truncate a nail

Truncate a claw special nippers. Put them from top to down so that they were perpendicular to the cut-off claw, execute a cut. If it turned out so that you accidentally touched vessels, then process a wound hydrogen peroxide to avoid hit of an infection and bacteria. Most likely, to finish the procedure at you it will not turn out therefore continue after a while when your pet recovers and will calm down.

Treat the pet with delicacy

He endured a severe stress therefore it is necessary to encourage it for "feat" to avoid the subsequent hostility to this procedure. Stroke a cat and release her that she could stay alone and calm down.

Keep in mind that at you it will not turn out to process all paws for once. In this case, return to a hairstyle next day.

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