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how to determine the age of a kitten. This information allows to choose correctly a diet for an animal and to provide the corresponding care. It is necessary to consider that precisely to define date of birth of a kitten it will not turn out, but approximately to assume how many to him months, it is possible, without resorting to the help of the expert, that is independently in house conditions.

How Independently to Determine the Age of a Kitten
Not all know how to determine the age котенка.

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It is the simplest to determine the age to the least kittens. Except the small size and constant presence at society with mother cat, the early age of a kitten is given by an umbilical cord. After the birth it remains at the kid about 3-4 days. If on a stomach the animal has small "tail", then it is possible to claim safely that to it several days.

At certain stages of life of an eye at a pet change. Right after the birth and within 1-2 weeks the kitten will be a blind person. That is the animal has no defects with sight, but sees nothing because his eyes are closed all the time. When at a kitten eyelids already open, it indicates that to an animal at least a week.

Opening the century occurs gradually. Initially there are small shchelochka through which the kid already sees light. Fully eyes will open closer by 3-4 week. If to pay attention to an iris of the eye, and at the same time it will turn out that it blue color, then to a kitten is no more than 2 months. If the iris already has other shade, it indicates that the fluffy is more than 6-7 weeks old. If at an animal natural color of eyes blue, this method of determination of age does not approach as changes will not be traced.

How Independently to Determine the Age of a Kitten
When at a kitten eyelids already open, it indicates that to an animal at least неделя.

Несколько stages of development have also ears of a pet. Right after the birth at kids ear channels are closed. They will begin to reveal towards the end of the first week after birth. Because of such characteristic externally ears look pressed to the head. Process of disclosure can take up to 3 weeks.

it is possible to Determine the age of a kitten on teeth too. During the first 14 days after emergence the animal has only naked gums. Approximately on the 3rd week dairy cutters begin to appear. Not always it is possible to see teeth visually. To be convinced of their existence or absence, it is possible to touch accurately gums a finger. Before such diagnostics surely it is necessary to wash up hands. Near cutters for 3-4 weeks of life canines begin to grow. Right after them premolyara and painters begin to appear only then.

The lack of molars indicates that examined individual is about 4 months old. When dairy cutters begin to change on radical, this process demonstrates that the pet is more than 4 months old. All other teeth have to exchange on constants until as the animal will be 7 months old.

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Recognize age of a kitten by teeth it can be difficult if the animal has problems with health. Some diseases or injuries can become the reason of a delay of emergence or total absence of teeth.

There are no strict criteria concerning age of an animal and his weight category. There are average figures which are taken taking into account breed of animal and good nutrition.

kitten Weight at the birth is in limits of 100 g in the absence of anomalies of development and good nutrition the animal has to put on the weight from 10 to 20 g in a day. It is considered norm when for the first week of the life the kitten increases the weight indicator not less, than by 50 g. If to 2 weeks age the pet did not gain 170 g, it surely should be shown to the veterinarian. To the termination of the first month of life the animal has to weigh about 250 g

On a weight indicator it is quite difficult to judge age further as a lot of things will depend on the final sizes of a cat.

How Independently to Determine the Age of a Kitten

Assessment of behavior of an animal

At some point kittens who are with mother cat leave from her breast. There is this process approximately on 4-6 weeks after the birth. At an adult individual (mother) in a month or one and a half milk begins to vanish, and it automatically separates the children from a breast. The habit of kittens to go for mother and to try to eat gradually will die away. the Cat will leave in their attempt to begin to suck a breast. Such behavior of mother will force kids to pay attention to what surrounds them, and they will begin to study the area near themselves.

If the kitten still creeps and all the time is near mother, practically all the time sleeps and eats, then such behavior indicates that he is about 14 days old. On paws the animal begins to keep more surely a bit later when he is more than 3 weeks old. By first month of the life animals find such skill as ability to turn over in air and to land on paws. During this period the behavior of a kitten becomes very active. He tries to play and all the time shows curiosity. The ability to run is gained after 5 weeks.

How Independently to Determine the Age of a Kitten

Because eyes and ear channels open not right after the birth, the ability to react to external irritants appears not at once. Therefore if the kitten still badly stands on feet, but more than 3 weeks are already distracted by extraneous noise, so to it.

Despite hyperactivity, at 5-6 weeks kittens coordination is still poorly developed. The awkwardness remains approximately until the end of the 8th week.

How Independently to Determine the Age of a Kitten

Puberty of a cat

The first signs of puberty begin to appear in 4-5 months. Under the influence of hormones the kitten often and loudly mews and also can try to get out to the street if he lives in the house all the time. Begin to appear signs of aggression. Each animal tries to dominate and therefore becomes more unpredictable. At teenage age cats fight among themselves more often or inaccurately play with the person.

From 4 to 6 months which carry to the pubertal period the animal changes. His body is extended, but the cat still continues to gain weight. At 4-month age of a male individual can already begin to mark the territory and to make attempts to pairing. At the same age (4-6 months) emergence of the first techka at females is noted. Cats begin to mew and coil loudly. For this reason for owners of female individuals it is recommended to watch closely a cat and to take all necessary measures for prevention of approach of pregnancy. In spite of the fact that the pet reaches full-fledged puberty in 7 months, the animal organism is not strengthened for incubation and feeding of the next generation yet. Early pregnancy for a cat can have an adverse effect further on her health.

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If the animal has no document in which its date of birth is specified and to independently determine the age does not leave, it is possible to address the veterinarian. If the animal was picked up from the street, then on reception at the doctor it is recommended to make all necessary tests at once and to do the corresponding vaccination.

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