• Sep 27, 2019
Often owners of cats just do not know

how many animals can be got under the law, and do not limit the number of pets at all, without thinking of neighbors. Not to break the law, it is necessary to know the following.

How Many Cats and Cats Can Be Had in the Apartment under the Law

In the certain apartment

According to Article 13 Part 3 of Federal law N 498-FZ "About responsible treatment of animals" of 27.12.2018 can support so many cats and cats how many the owner is able to provide in the certain apartment, respecting the veterinary rules and rules and also sanitary and epidemiologic conditions.

Standards in Russia the following:

  1. The living space on one cat has to make 5-7 sq.m. depending on ceiling height. On the lonely person – 33 sq.m., on the person in family composition – 18 sq.m.
  2. The living wage on one cat is equal to 2000 rub, on one person – 11000 rub

In other words, you can get so many the purring pets how many are capable not only to support, but also after what quantity are capable to look after and clean.

At the same time conditions have to be met:

  • the area of the apartment pays off according to the scheme: (18 sq.m. * number of family members) + (5 sq.m. * quantity of cats);
  • comprehensive income has to be: (11000 rub * number of family members) + (2000 rub * quantity of cats);
  • there should be no complaints from neighbors.

For an example we will consider two situations:

  1. The middle manager lives in the apartment of 43 sq.m. and has average monthly income of 45000 rub. Proceeding from the area of housing, the manager has the right to bring two pets: 43 sq.m. minus 33 sq.m. on the person. The remained 10 sq.m. it is divisible on 5 (norm on one cat). And proceeding from income may support 17 cats: 45000 rub minus 11000 rub on the person. The rest of 34000 rub is divisible for 2000 rub (a living wage on a cat). Means, the manager can lodge without violation of the law at himself in the apartment 2 cats.
  2. The grandmother and the grandfather live in the apartment of 56 sq.m. and have the total revenues of 27000 rub of 56 sq.m. – (18 sq.m. *2 family members). The remained 20 sq.m. allow to support 4 cats. And finance under the law at pensioners will be enough only for two pets: 27000 rub – 11000 rub*2 persons = 5000 rub. We divide into a living wage on one cat's soul, we receive 2.5. Respectively, without prejudice to cat's health it is possible to bring only two pets.

In communal flats

If you do not possess the certain apartment, and are forced to live in the communal flat with neighbors, getting an animal, it is necessary to consider several nuances:

  • It is forbidden to support pets in common areas: general corridors, balconies, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.
  • If desired to take in the house of a cat, it is necessary to get the consent of all residents and to be convinced of absence of an allergy at them.

At the same time, living in the communal flat, the area necessary for keeping of one cat, is not taken into account. It is possible to get no more than one.

Thus, desire to get a pet in the communal flat needs to be coordinated with neighbors by all means.

If the cat gave birth to kittens

If your kitty is not sterilized and furthermore likes to walk on the street, sooner or later it will bring posterity. To heat kittens not humanely, but also to keep all – not under the law.

The law says that at the same time in the apartment there can be about 6 kittens together with mother cat. At the same time within 4 months the owner of animals has to find to kids the new house. It is possible to keep so much how many your income and the area of the apartment allow.

In the communal flat most reasonable to sterilize at once the cat that there were no problems with neighbors. If, of course, you did not agree in advance to distribute to each neighbor in a kitten.

Where to complain of unfair aelurophiles

If you respect all sanitary and hygienic rules and rules of keeping of animals, and the grandmother neighbor in the apartment has 20 cats and a constant stench, it is necessary to fight against it.

Often lonely pensioners feel sorry for all kitties in the district, select them and bear to themselves to the apartment. Cats propagate, mark and spoil not only in the territory of a living space of the compassionate old woman, but also at the general entrance.

If no arrangements and admonitions help, and the neighbor continues to fill up army of the purring pets, complain. For a start address to the housing office. The representative of ZhEK (condominium, HCC) is obliged to consider the complaint and if it is true, to take measures. If on the grandmother aelurophile arrangements of the chairman of management company did not work, then the statement of administrative offense is drawn up.

According to Article 15.47 JSC Russian Federation, provided penalties for inadequate keeping of pets.

After payment of a penalty the quantity and quality of keeping of pets have to be normalized, established by the law.

If the penalty is not paid or after its payment in life of cats and inhabitants of an entrance nothing changed, cats from the apartment will be moved forcibly.

In especially started cases for the unsatisfactory maintenance of the room from the apartment can move also the compassionate pensioner. Such precedents across Russia already were and were solved in a judicial proceeding in favor of the suffering residents.

Respect the rules and rules for the benefit of the family, pets and neighbors.

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