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of the Cat are the most numerous pets. Naturally, first of all there is a question of how to accustom a kitten to go to a tray, getting thoroughbred animals, many owners limit their world to the territory of the apartment.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray
Schooling of a cat to a tray has to begin from the first day of its emergence in the house.
Schooling of a cat to a tray has to begin

from the first day of its emergence in the house. Therefore it is necessary to buy this adaptation before the animal begins to develop the new dwelling. You should not get the smallest tray. Kittens quickly grow, and in a month it will turn out that it is already too close. As a result, that without wishing, the grown-up kitten soils a floor. At the deep instinctive level animals know that they have to hide the excrements therefore diligently dig a floor and are nervous if they do not manage it. If to put special filler in a tray, then any healthy cat will prefer to celebrate the need in the place where he will be able to hide the waste. It will be necessary only to teach the little pet to find him.

Fast schooling of a kitten to a tray (video)


How to accustom little kittens

Most often kittens get to future owners at the age of about a month. Usually during this period they only just begin to eat and drink independently. Of course, it is possible to understand cat mother owners. It will be pleasant to hold houses of several piskun not to everyone at once. How to accustom a monthly kitten to a tray? For this purpose it is necessary to devote it a quantity of time. In the first days it is necessary to limit the space allocated for an animal. Let it will be one room where nearby there will be its feeding trough and a drinking bowl and also a tray. If all in an access zone, to a kitten is easier to find a tray in time. Some especially bright kittens grab literally on the fly and from the first understand for what the tray is necessary. Others should show the place of their toilet several times. At little kittens, as well as at children, process of depletion happens through short time after a meal.

Therefore, having fed the kid, it is necessary to observe him. As soon as he begins to show concern and to smell a floor, take it on hands and carry in a tray. Dig filler. The attention of an animal is in such a way drawn to substrate which can be moved. And if the kitten dug out a pole, then after this he surely pees or will do a poo. An opportunity to dig the puddle will fix the place of successful attempt in memory of an animal. In certain cases it needs to stroke a tummy or the place under a tail. These movements imitate behavior of a cat and stimulate process of an excrement.

Some kittens do not perceive artificial fillers as the soil. They can try to play with it or, it is worse than that, to chew. Therefore, accustoming a kitten to new conditions, you watch closely him and do not allow ingestion of lumps of filler at all. Best of all are suitable for kittens комкующиеся substances. They are made only of natural materials and are not toxic at all. It is of great importance as kittens like to try all new on tooth.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray
If all in an access zone, to a kitten is easier to find a tray in time.

Important recommendations

If the cat is accustomed to a tray, then, most likely, the question of how to teach kittens to go to a tray, will not arise. Mother herself will show to the children where and as it needs to be done. But if the cat got used to go to a toilet on the street, then cares of how to accustom kittens to a tray, owners should undertake. First, adaptation has to stand near the place where there are kittens. Secondly, the tray has to be with low sides as through high little kittens just will not get.

In pet-shop or veterinary drugstore it is possible to buy special spray for schooling to a toilet. It is possible to do also without it. In this case the small piece of a rag or the newspaper needs to be wetted in urine and to put it in a tray. Kittens well are guided on a smell. As soon as the first kid finds a tray with "the" smell and will celebrate need, the problem will be solved. Kittens study, imitating each other. Therefore other animals will follow the first.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray

People often find the future favourites on the street. If the kitten is more than three months old, then quickly it will not be possible to accustom him to a tray. At this age at cats the majority of habits is already created. And as is well-known, new it is always more difficult to impart to an animal, than just to teach it since childhood. Sometimes it just does not understand that it is possible to go to a toilet also at home. How to accustom a kitten to a tray in this case? He needs to organize "a nature piece" in the house. For such kitten the spacious tray filled with sand or the earth, i.e. substrate to which he already got used is necessary. Over time, when the animal will begin to use adaptation, substrate can be replaced with more hygienic factory fillers.

Limit access of a kitten to flowerpots . There too the earth so well familiar to it, and he knows how it can be used. Only it will hardly be pleasant to owners. The animal cannot be stuck with a muzzle into puddles at all and to punish for the fact that he does not manage to learn the lesson from the first. Cats are clever animals. Any will understand that are dissatisfied with it, and next time will try to hide "good" in a hard-to-reach spot. But unless from it it will become easier for the owner? Only the kind and patient relation will help a street kitten to get aristocratic manners and to go to a toilet only in the place allocated for this purpose.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray

Thoroughbred cat

How to accustom the British kitten to a tray? Among breeders of thoroughbred cats there is an opinion that it is easier to accustom a street animal to a house toilet, than British or the Scottish lop-eared kitten. Actually the intelligence, of course, does not depend on breed. It is specific feature of an animal. Therefore to accustom thoroughbred kittens to go to a tray it is necessary as well as not purebred. If at your place the British kitten, then with his schooling to a toilet appeared, most likely, there will be no problems at all. These aristocratical clever animals easily accustom on the new place and quickly understand that to what. To teach to go to British tray easier, than, for example, small Siam. Sedate, but appeasable natives from the Foggy Albion with pleasure will carry out everything that from them is required.

And here Siamese (or Thai) kittens need patience in a much bigger measure. These temperamental willful creations decide that it is necessary for them therefore to retrain the Siamese kitten who chose under a toilet a dark corner, very difficult. But also animals of this breed not so silly creations – they will understand that needs to be done. By the way, siama are often independently accustomed to go to a toilet to a toilet bowl or in a bathtub. Unlike other cats, they are not afraid to wet at all paws therefore they are not frightened by water in a toilet bowl or other sanitary device. Accustoming a little Siamese kitten to a tray, it should be praised for each successful attempt. This breed differs in magnificent memory. If to offend the little Thai for a pool in not put place, he can repeat this action and in other places. But the praise by a soft voice is also remembered by it for a long time and stimulates the choice of a tray for departure of natural needs.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray

Useful tips

To understand how to accustom a kitten to a tray, it is necessary to know some instincts of cat's and to use the checked cunnings. Cats are guided on a smell. This instinct is used at production of sprays for schooling of kittens to a tray. In pet-shop it is possible to get means from Biovaks under the name "My place! Yes.", Zoonik, Mr.Fresh. Spray imitates a smell of cat's urine. But it is possible to place similar aroma in a tray and without spray purchase.

It is enough to blot a kitten puddle with a napkin and to leave it in a tray. It is possible to ask a little used filler for the cat mother owner. This filler will smell of her and sisters brothers. Therefore it will inevitably draw attention of an animal.

It is the best of all to place a tray where the kitten itself chose the place for a toilet. It for certain secluded quiet town. If he masters a tray in this place, already well. Gradually adaptation can be moved to the place planned by owners under a cat's toilet. It is better to move a tray on small distances so that the animal easily found it. The place on a floor which the kid chose under a toilet needs to be washed out carefully with means which neutralizes an urine smell even for a sensitive cat's nose. For this purpose it is possible to use special Antigadin sprays, there Are no spots and a smell, Dezosan. From make-shifts for elimination of unpleasant aroma can be used:

  1. Soda – it needs to be dissolved in water and to wash up the soiled place.
  2. Vinegar – universal converter of smells.
  3. The liquids containing alcohol.
  4. Laundry soap – not bad saves from a cat's smell.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide – will dissolve the dried-up urine and will eliminate a smell.
  6. Iodine – to part 10 drops in 1 l of water and to wash out the soiled place.
  7. Fresh orange or lemon crusts. It is necessary to rub with them the washed-up floor. After such procedure the animal will not use this space for a toilet any more.

How Quickly to Accustom a Kitten to Go to a Tray

All cats, both street, and thoroughbred, from the birth are very clean. Therefore filler in a tray should not be dirty. If substance in a tray becomes damp or noticeably smells, cats will not use the toilet for departure of needs, and will suffer or will find cleaner, in their opinion, the place. Many kittens do not like the flavored fillers, and substrate of silica gel can just frighten a kitten, publishing silent clicks at hit of moisture on it. Clay substances with large elements can injure a soft sole of pads of kids. From all types of fillers wood or corn fillers with small granules best of all are suitable for cat's toilets for young animals.

If the kitten for a toilet chose a sofa or a bed, it is necessary to process upholstered furniture spirits, vinegar or oil of a citrus. These substances neutralize a smell of urine and will beat off desire at an animal to spoil in this place. If it chose a flowerpot under a toilet, put on the soil of a crust from orange.

If the animal long does not manage to be accustomed to a tray, then, most likely, just something is not pleasant to it. It can be the place allocated under a toilet, inconvenient adaptation, improper filler. Try to change these parameters, and, perhaps, the problem will be solved. It is the best of all to take an interest at the manufacturer to what filler the kitten is accustomed. Sometimes kids just do not want to accept something new.

Happens so that the kitten who is already accustomed to a tray suddenly ceases to use it and spoils anywhere. Sometimes the reason of such behavior is in the latent disease. For example, the kid has a cystitis, and he feels pain at urination. He connects this discomfort with a tray and begins to look for the place, where to write not painfully. If at a cat diarrhea, he can just not manage to reach a toilet.

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Each kitten whatever he was clever needs training. It is simple to tame him, and here it is possible to develop in him the skills of behavior which are required in the house only patience and caress. The animal needs to let know what cannot be done. But to beat at the same time the kid absolutely senselessly. It is less, than the child, he deserves cruel punishment. Do not forget – the baby and so there was left one without mother in others house. Therefore if you decided to get a kitten, then get all necessary for him, stock up with caress and patience and give at least week to the new pet. Only in this case over time at you the lovely kind creature which will give a lot of tenderness and caress will grow up.

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