• Sep 17, 2019

When in the house there is a new kitten or an adult cat, the temptation constantly is big to hold the new family member on hands. However at the same time it is worth being guided by common sense and to follow a number of rules. How to accustom a new cat or a kitten to hands?

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How to accustom to hands of a kitten

It is simpler to tame to hands of a kitten, than an adult unfamiliar cat. In process of its accustoming to the new house, at least once a day carefully take a kitten on hands, at the same time quietly talking with it by a quiet voice. Take it not for long (no more than five minutes) and release where he prefers to sit.

Several days later it is possible, holding a kitten on hands, to sit down on a chair or a sofa. If the kid tries to play in a rough manner (to be scratched or bite), say no "!" and lower him on a floor.

At all do not take
a kitten by the scruff! Unfortunately, it is a widespread method, and the people acting this way motivate the behavior with the fact that imitate behavior of a cat mother. But the problem is that you – not a cat also can injure a kitten.

It is correct to take on hands of a kitten – means to support by one hand under a breast, and the second – under back pads.

When the kid will get used to be on hands, and with pleasure, it is possible to begin to stroll slowly about the room, without forgetting to talk to a kitten quietly. And in the same time gradually begin to accustom the pet to touches which will be necessary for veterinary surveys and hygienic procedures.

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How to accustom an adult cat to hands

It is more difficult to accustom to hands an adult cat, especially if you do not know how you treated her in the past. And before ironing a new cat or to take her on hands, it is necessary to give her time for adaptation in new conditions. Sometimes before the cat will allow to stroke herself or to take on hands, there pass several weeks. Stock up with patience, and the murlyka itself will prompt to you when it is ready to close contact.

Remember that sessions of domestication should not be tightened on time. It is worth holding them in the quietest conditions.

After the cat allows to hold it on hands, it is possible to begin to accustom her to hygienic procedures carefully.

Do not hold a cat on hands at all if she:

  • worries
  • pulls a tail
  • turns a muzzle to your hand
  • presses ears
  • catches a hand forepaws with the shown teeth.

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