• Sep 17, 2019

Many children adore animals, including cats. However, that the child became the friend of a murlyka, it is necessary to teach the successor to treat correctly a cat and to respect her desires. How to acquaint a cat with the child?

 Girl and kitten of a photo

On a photo: the girl with a kitten. Photo: pxhere.com

Councils to parents: how to acquaint a cat with the child

That communication of the child and a cat was safe, it is necessary to observe simple, but very important rules.

  1. Teach the child to take correctly a cat on hands. It is important to support a murlyka under hinder legs and under a breast. You should not touch a stomach as it is very sensitive area, and some cats react to touch to it reflex protective reception: are enough a hand with claws and stick teeth.
  2. Train the child in language of a cat . Children need to know when you do not stick to the pet with manifestations of the love (for example if the cat pulls a tail or presses ears).
  3. Do not allow the child to frighten a cat , to approach sharply her or to stick if she eats, sleeps or decided to retire to the shelter.
  4. do not allow the child to touch foreign cats, including the homeless as communication with unfamiliar cats can be fraught with troubles. It is necessary not to create a phobia and that to establish to a framework which will protect the kid from troubles.
  5. It is better not to take in family with children of preschool age of a kitten 4 months are younger. Little kittens – too fragile creations, and the child are younger than six years can't calculate the power of the love and to accidentally injure the pet, and even at your presence – you just will not manage to interfere.
  6. Sometimes parents in the aspiration to make "as it is better" spoil the child's attitude towards a cat, charging with excessive obligations for care of the pet the successor. Do not load the child with a burden to which he is not ready! Children are forgetful, and they can not feed a cat in time, not give water or not clean a tray. The murlyka which is not guilty of anything will suffer, first of all. It is possible to ask the child to help you with care of a cat, but you ask about what he will precisely cope with, and unostentatiously control result.
  7. Set the child an example the careful and tender attitude to a cat. The good example of adults far more evident and is more effective than reproaches and manuals and will not cause hostility to a murlyka.
 Child boy and cat of a photo

On a photo: child and cat. Photo: pixabay.com

is not known to Small children as far as their behavior can look menacing for a cat. And, as a rule, children of preschool age cannot operate adequately the actions therefore any communication of the kid with a cat has to happen only under supervision of adults.

And it concerns not only your own children, but also guests. Eventually, even the most peaceful cat can not restrain when she is pulled for a tail or try to pick out an eye.

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