• Nov 28, 2019

to All owners would be desirable to understand the pets better. With it you will be helped by studying of their behavior. Animals experience the same emotions, as people – are angry, have fun, love. Let's sort some signs on which you will be able to understand mood of your cat better.


How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

It is the most ancient emotion at live organisms which throughout centuries helped them to survive. Your favourite expresses the fear at the primitive level when feels that some danger threatens her life, that is works a self-preservation instinct.

The cat's fear can be provoked:

  • person;
  • other animals;
  • a subject which, according to her, poses a threat not only real, but also imagined.

All representatives of the cat family react in three ways:

  1. Fade, being pressed in the earth and pressing ears that they were not visible.
  2. Attacks. Her muscles become intense, wool reared; it puffs up, and the cat curves a backbone an arch to look more and more dangerously, hisses, is spat and growls. So they behave when they are driven into a corner or other trap.
  3. Run. It is the most widespread way of rescue of the life at cats.

Some people frighten cats for own entertainment. So it is not recommended to do. First, you subject the pet to a stress. He will remember it and will revenge. So be not surprised if then the cat begins you without the reason to bite and scratch. Secondly, it is fraught for her health: the cat will not feel safe and can get sick.


How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

The cat can warn only in one case: if she feels the danger proceeding from her enemy. You for certain noticed that if to tease it, the tail twitches, ears are taken away back, and the body is turned by a side. Such pose speaks about possible attack from its party. That is so cats warn and the look say to all: "Do not contact me better!"

Attachment, friendliness

How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

As the cat passed for a proud, independent and vindictive being, it is hard to gain her trust. However how to learn that you managed to make it?

There are several signs of attachment and friendliness from the fluffy favourite of your family:

  1. It sits down on your knees and slightly rumples them claws.
  2. At night she lays down only near you.
  3. In the afternoon the cat sits down by you or lays down nearby end-to-end.
  4. The cat lays down on a back, showing the stomach, allowing you to iron it. It is the sign of the special relation from its party!
  5. She follows you on heels where you were. No, it is not sign of its drudgery or curiosity. More likely, on the contrary. The cat shows you the boundless love. She does not want to lie one in the room when the owner is in another. Therefore she gets up and follows you.
  6. Your favourite shares with you the caught production. However so those who live outside the city generally do.

Cats, as well as dogs, strongly become attached to the owner. You should not forget about it and to abuse cat's arrangement. Otherwise she will just be disappointed in you and it will be not so simple to regain the trust.


How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

If circulation on heels for the owner is not sign of curiosity as at cats it is shown?

The cat's curiosity is caused by survival in the conditions of the wild nature. But passed already thousands of years as these lovely animals were tamed, however they continue to show the taken roots habit.

Apart from the fact that cats get into places in which either will be located, or is not present, at any noise or an event which are interesting to them they become "column", that is sit down on back pads and lobbies, just like gophers raise. Also their eyes extend, the neck is extended, and ears rise and address a sound source. Such pose is very practical and convenient for studying of a surrounding situation.


How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

If the cat, lying at you on a lap or breasts, rumples, tramples down and touches pads, but at the same time does not show the teeth, so she expresses pleasure and is happy. It is sign that the cat feels a pacification at present, she is quiet and positively ready for caress of you.


How to become the owner empath: several ways to determine emotions of a cat by her pose

The cat's offense is one their terrible punishments for her owner. If the fear, happiness and rage are basic and primitive feelings at a cat, then the resentment speaks about ability of difficult behavior. Just as at the person.

The cat is sensitive and to some extent an emotional being. The careless actions the person can quite subject the pet to a severe stress from which will be born discontent, rage and offense.

It was already said above that the cat is vindictive. Therefore if you to her something salted or offended, she will surely remember and in the future will repeatedly revenge. If the cat turns to you a back and does not respond to call, then it is an occasion to think whether you with it were rough or unfair.

Try to treat sensitively and gently the pet, and then you should not suffer from its revenge.

Living in family or with the owner, cats, as well as dogs, perceive people as the family, the pack. Of course, at dogs it is expressed more brightly, but it is not worse than a cat. Just their nature differs a little. But it does not mean that they cannot feel affection and love in the person or, on the contrary, offense and rage.

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