• Oct 30, 2019

If a cat house, then often owners are afraid to release its one on walk. In that case cat's breast-bands will come to the rescue – they are on sale in pet-shops. The breast-band represents a lead for a cat which, besides a neck, takes also a part of her armpits.

How to Choose a Breast-band for a Cat and to Accustom the Pet to a Lead

What types exist

Usually breast-bands sell together with a lead. Two collars, one of which is fixed on a stomach of a cat, and another on a neck, are their part. Therefore if you decided to buy a breast-band, surely pay attention to parameters of the pet and get that which will be to it precisely by the size. The lead fastens on a breast-band by means of a special ring. As much as possible its length can reach 2.5 meters, but also models in 4 meters meet.

There is a set of various breast-bands for cats. They differ by the size, material and a way of fastening.

The most widespread of them:

  • eight;
  • V-shaped;
  • type H;
  • vest;
  • overalls.

The eight represents two loops fastening behind forepaws of an animal on a trunk and a neck and connecting on his back. Such design will allow to unload a neck of your pet, excepting an opportunity independently to be exempted from it.

The V-shaped breast-band is a little similar to the previous example, but its main difference is that loops on a cat's breast are presented in letter V form.

Type H has such crossing point between loops on a back which reminds letter H.

The vest is presented in the form of the reduced vest or a breast-band jacket, but it can already confidently be carried to the category of clothes for pets. Such kind of breast-bands more dense will also provide protection of wool against cold and dirt.

The breast-band in the form of overalls is considered universal because it, as well as the vest, does not allow dirt and cold to bring to the pet discomfort. On a back of such breast-band there is a ring for which the lead fastens.

Each of the described breast-bands is rather convenient for cats: they are strong, do not give load of her neck, do not hold down movements and allow to control movements of the pet. However the choice always remains for owners. Also thanks to a wide choice of coloring the breast-band can be picked up for every taste.

of Advantage of leads

The main advantages of leads to cats consist in the following:

  1. The owner of an animal can walk with him outdoors and not be afraid that a cat to escape it can is unknown where. She will be glad to walks in the fresh air which will affect her health and health positively.
  2. You will be able to control the pet and by that reduce risk of hit of the pet in hard-to-reach spots, for example, by trees or in narrow cracks.
  3. You will be able to regulate with ease distance among themselves and the pet by means of such accessory.
  4. The pet will be always at you in the public eye. So, you will have an opportunity to track that he could not eat something on the street or did not get into a trash can.
  5. It is not necessary to catch or look for a cat therefore how many walk will last, to solve only to you.
  6. At an exhibition the breast-band with a lead will be for you irreplaceable assistants.
  7. It considerably will facilitate your campaign to the veterinarian.

As you can see, it is plus at a lead much, however you remember that you have to watch closely the pet at the time of walk. He can get confused in length. Surely you watch that the collar and a breast-band were reliably fastened, otherwise the cat will get out and will escape. You approach the choice of a breast-band and lead intelligently and buy only quality goods.

How to accustom the pet to walks

After you got a breast-band, you thereby took the first step to joint walks. But the heaviest still ahead. It is necessary to accustom the pet to a lead.

The easiest in such situation kittens adapt. They perceive everything as a game therefore they are not nervous as adult cats. The last can be accustomed, but you will need more time, forces and patience as they perceive a lead aggressively, including it restriction of the freedom.

Better gradually accustom the pet in house conditions. He will get used to a new subject and will impregnate it with the smell. Several days later try to dress a breast-band on his body. If the animal is against, then bribe it a toy, tasty delicacy or just stroke and calm. It is recommended to dress a lead every day on a short period. The cat will get used and will not perceive it as danger.

The first full walk also should be spent at home. Do not pull a cat where to you will take in head. Give her full freedom and have patience. Follow it everywhere. If you constantly pull a lead on yourself, then your cat will just settle on a floor and will not move a little.

After the house trainings it is possible to try to go outside with it. Best of all silent solitudes will approach. There it is possible to deliver a cat in carrying, and already then to give it the chance to get out independently of it. You need to remember the most important – the cat itself chooses to herself a route during walks, unlike dogs. You need only to follow her.

In advance think of existence of a pendant on a collar with the address of your accommodation or a contact information. In case something happens to an animal, it will be easier to find it.

That your trust was not gone in eyes of a cat, do not abuse at all that small power which the lead gives you.

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