• Sep 17, 2019
you already resolved to get a cat and went to choose a kitten. No matter, you stopped the choice on a thoroughbred or not purebred animal, but it is important that the pet was healthy. How to choose a healthy kitten?
 How to choose a healthy kitten of a photo

As the healthy kitten looks

  • Eyes of a healthy kitten bright and clean, without allocations.
  • Ears of a healthy kitten clean, have no symptoms of infection with an ear tick or other infections – in them there are no black lumps or crusts.
  • Glance in a mouth to the kid: gums and language of a healthy kitten not pale, but pink.
  • If the kitten sneezes, and from a nose flows, it has to guard.
  • Hair of a healthy kitten brilliant and clean. Bald spots can be symptom of itch or other diseases.
  • Surely move apart wool and check skin – at a healthy kitten it clean, without signs of irritation or having combed.
  • the Tummy of a healthy kitten is not inflated. The inflated stomach can demonstrate existence of parasites.
  • Stroke a kitten and look at his reaction: he jumps aside and hides or tries to show friendliness?
 How to choose a healthy kitten of a photo

Even the healthy kitten needs the veterinarian

Anyway even if you chose a healthy kitten, will not prevent to get contacts of the veterinarian in advance.
Is remarkable if there is an opportunity to choose the veterinarian according to the recommendation of owners of cats to whose opinion you trust. It is regularly necessary to communicate with the veterinarian, and better that you felt with him quietly.
If you find
the veterinarian in advance – that better. It will be able to recommend you the good manufacturer or contacts of a shelter where you more likely will be able to choose a healthy kitten.
Ideally before bringing a kitten home, it is worth showing it to the veterinarian, especially if you have other pets. If the veterinarian nevertheless finds problems with health, you will be able quicker to begin treatment and (in a case with an infectious disease) to prevent infection of other animals.
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