• Dec 22, 2018

you decided to bring the pet, and do not know how to call it? To make a right choice, we recommend to you to pay attention to a number of important details which precisely will help you.

you Look

at breed of a cat

It is difficult to present that sphinx or some other exotic breed can call Vaska. They definitely need something more sonorous and original.

the Name has to be reduced

You can think up an unusual long name … But you also should think up as it can be reduced. Otherwise, your kitty it will not be simple to respond on this name.

And where there lives your cat?

With a name Arnolf will be obviously more appropriate than Kot in the city apartment, and Vaska – in the country.

Connect imagination

Pay attention to personal qualities of the favourite, and, of course, dream – let the name of the new member of your family will be special.

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