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owners of these fluffy pets. If the tray is picked illiterately up and it will not be pleasant to a cat, then he will celebrate the needs for other places, giving unpleasant surprises. Sometimes it is required to test several options of cat's toilets before it is possible to choose convenient model for the animal.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations
For the first time a cat's tray the American inventor in 1947
thought up

That should be considered when choosing

For the first time the cat's tray was thought up by the American inventor in 1947. The design represented a box as which filler served clay. Now pet-shops have the wide range of similar devices. their Main distinction consists in the opened and closed options. the Toilet for a cat has various sizes and the forms. The open pot is the most widespread type. The covered toilet for cats is more preferable to adult animals as little pets can appear it cannot cope with high boards and a door of the covered building.

When choosing a tray for a cat first of all the age of an animal is considered. For little kittens it is necessary to select option of the small size with low sides. For them choose an open tray with a grid without any tricks.

Plastic pots have low cost and quite are suitable for temporary application. When the pet reaches adult age, it is possible to pick up a cat's toilet of other type. On sale there are even trays accustoming to a toilet bowl. It is possible to consider in more detail than model, available on sale.

Selection of a toilet for a cat (video)


the Tray with a grid

Represents plastic capacity, from above which the grid fastens. It allows to leave pads of an animal dry. After visit of a toilet the grid is removed, excrement is thrown out, pours out urine of a pallet. Such tray does not need filler and is easily washed by water. tray Minuses are concluded with a grid that after each visit it needs to be washed, otherwise the unpleasant smell will extend on all housing. The similar option does not allow to leave the pet of one for a long time. Especially taking into account that circumstance that cats do not like to go to a dirty toilet.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations

Option with a high board

The model is pleasant practically to all cats as appearance reminds so the box loved by all cats. Plus of model is the fact that high boards do not allow filler to get enough sleep out of toilet limits. the Model has the affordable price, it is easy to look after her, it is convenient in transportation. An important condition is quality filler, the unpleasant smell will take otherwise place. Some modifications are issued with a grid, filler pours out on a tray bottom, the grid is established from above. This option is used for cats who do not love filler.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations

With a removable side

The design with a removable side is convenient in use on the way, at exhibitions. The bottom of a tray is dimmed by a special package and nestles a side. After the pet uses a toilet, the package is thrown out and the tray is dimmed new. The similar option has the simplified cleaning and differs in low cost. Minus is the extending smell demanding change of packages after each use of a tray.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations

the Closed toilet for cats

Is ideal for timid and timid pets. Choosing such model, it is necessary to consider design dimensions that the animal freely was located and could be developed if necessary. The toilet lodge for cats provides additional feeling of safety to the pet. Models have various form, happen to doors and without them. Such toilet interferes with distribution of smells that allows to establish it in any place of the apartment or the house. At the same time the possibility of scattering of filler for borders of the closed toilet for a cat is excluded.

Angular models allow to establish a design in a secluded corner. The closed trays have the high price therefore are not everything on a pocket. Besides, the closed tray usually happens the big sizes therefore it is unsuitable for small apartments.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations

Automatic design

Is an innovation in the world of cat's toilets. New technologies minimized participation of the owner in care of a toilet of the pet. The design is presented in the form of the unique complex having esthetic appearance. the Automatic tray for cats is divided into 2 views:

  1. The first type of model is connected to the power supply network, plumbing and sanitary. As fillers serve the special granules passing several stages of clarification after each use. Solid excrement is subject to fluidifying and removal via the sewerage. Such toilet for a cat has two great advantages: first, need of washing of a tray and replacement of filler disappears, secondly the absolute exception of an unpleasant smell is provided.
  2. The second option is presented in the form of a self-cleaning toilet for cats. In a side of a tray the special sensor which fixes the approaching pet is built in. After the end of a procedure from a compartment the rake collecting wet lumps of filler and excrement moves forward. Waste is stored in a special container which is subject to periodic replacement.

These models are completed with rugs for a cat's toilet and the coal filter which successfully absorbs unpleasant smells. Automatic pots are ideal for busy persons who lack time to look after an animal. However such models cost much and also can frighten at first an animal by noise during self-cleaning process.

How to choose a toilet for a cat: useful recommendations

Some more options

The disposable tray for cats represents a box with the filler having the increased ability to absorb smells. Such cat's toilet is calculated for 20-30 days of use then the tray is thrown out garbage. The disposable toilet has low cost, there is no need to remove it. and it does not exhale unpleasant smells. Minuses of a design consist in the box sizes, it is not suitable for large animals and does not pass in a refuse chute opening. Besides, filler can throw away cats on the house.

The road cat's toilet is intended for a trip with the pet. The model is made of the waterproof material put in several layers. The road cat's pot easily develops, washes and weighs a little. The design is not used for a daily toilet.

It is possible to hide a cat's toilet, having used the closed option which can look as a piece of furniture. For example, it is possible to hide a tray in a curbstone, having drilled a round opening sideways for an entrance. At this option it is necessary to remember that the closed space will save smells, for this reason change of filler has to be made more often.

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How to choose filler (video)


It is possible to make a tray for a cat with own hands, for this purpose it is necessary to find suitable plastic capacity. Height of boards should not exceed 8-10 cm, excess material is cut. Places of a saw cut are smoothed out by a skin. If desired the tray can be painted with acrylic paint. In case the closed option is necessary, it is possible to use a plastic box with a cover. Sideways a box the entrance is cut out, edges of a cut and acute angles need to be smoothed out an emery paper.

Whatever tray you chose, the main thing that it was pleasant to a cat.

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