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Dry cat food allows the pet to receive all substances, necessary for health. If the animal eats natural food, then to make the balanced diet sometimes is difficult. It is necessary to count independently amount of useful substances in food. Ready professional cat food already contain all necessary. The choice of ready cat's food is huge, and it is possible to get confused easily in names and grades. Interests owners of animals what cat food the best. To understand it, it is necessary to know about merits and demerits of different types of granules for food.

How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat
Dry cat food allows the pet to receive all necessary for health вещества

Полезные properties of ready food

Among some owners there is a prejudice against a dry feed for cats. Owners consider that the granulated structure will not be able to replace to pets natural food. But this opinion is right, only if to speak about low-quality products. Good forages are not less rich with useful substances, than natural food.

The wrong opinion is widespread that forages can cause an urolithic disease or diarrheas. But these fears are groundless. Stones in a bladder appear from the shortage of liquid in a diet. Ready granules are issued with humidity of 10-15%, and the animal needs to drink water to fill a lack of liquid. If the pet does not like to drink much, then it is regularly necessary to give him damp cat food (canned food in banks or teach in bags).

As for gastrointestinal frustration, they most often happen from overeating or incorrectly picked up forage. That to avoid it, it is necessary to observe strictly the dosage specified on a bag. The quantity of food has to correspond to age and the pet's weight. It is useful to consult to the veterinarian also. The expert will prompt with what forage it is better to feed a cat, considering her health and tendency to an allergy.

How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat
Among some owners the prejudice against a dry feed for cats

Actually such food exists has many pluses:

  • the granulated form allows to keep all valuable substances for a long time;
  • granules cover with special digestive bacteria for improvement of work of a stomach;
  • dry cat food have the concentrated structure, they for a long time last;
  • when the forage is stored in open form, it does not spoil.

All negative consequences are connected or with low-quality products, or with improper feeding. High-quality ready food brings only benefit. Formulas of modern cat's forages are as close as possible to an ideal diet. Owners of nurseries on cultivation of rare cat breeds prefer to feed animals only with ready food.

How to choose a forage for a cat (video)

General recommendations about the choice

To choose a forage, it is necessary to consider features of an animal. Often cats reluctantly pass from a natural diet to ready dry food. At first the pet can refuse unusual food. Sometimes animals hardly pass from one type of a forage to another. The following recommendations will help to avoid such difficulties:

  1. If the cat for the first time in life begins to eat "drying", then it is not necessary to buy a big package at once. Happens so that the animal does not suit a certain type of food. It is better to take a small package (200-400 g) and to track as the pet passes to a new type of feeding.
  2. The new forage in small quantities is gradually mixed to old (or to natural food).
  3. Sometimes the cat with great difficulty passes to "drying". Then special types of cat food with the substances enhancing taste can help. Such food will suit even to the choosiest pet, usually animals with pleasure eat tasty granules, for example dry cat food of a premium class Royal Canin Exigent 35/30 Savour Sensation. This product deserved positive reviews of owners of animals.
  4. If the pet long time eats a certain brand of "drying", and such food does not cause in an animal of an allergy or other problems with health, then it is not necessary to change a forage.
  5. At food "drying" the animal always in access has to have enough pure fresh water.
  6. If the animal regularly eats "drying", then it is not necessary to include in a diet natural food in addition. In it there is no need, the pet already receives all substances, useful to health. The organism of a cat gets used to process a certain type of food, and such unexpected additive can cause failures in work of a stomach only. According to veterinarians, it is possible to include in addition in a diet only canned food and teach.

How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat

That needs to be considered upon purchase

Upon purchase of a product it is necessary to consider many circumstances. The following recommendations will help to choose a forage for a cat:

  1. To study structure of a product. This characteristic should attach great value. The choice of a forage will depend on the percentage of useful substances.
  2. Good cat food do of the fresh or dehydrated meat. It is necessary to avoid "drying" with bone meal or meat powder.
  3. If it is necessary to choose a dry feed for a cat that food did not do much harm, it is necessary to refuse acquisition of a forage with chemical additives. Such food leads to a diarrhea. The harmless cat's forage may contain only the natural preserving substances (rosemary or vitamins A, With, E).
  4. Choosing good cat food, it is necessary to look at names of ingredients.
  5. Qualitative food richly animal protein.
  6. Choosing a forage for a pregnant cat, it is necessary to pay attention to quantity of proteins. These substances are especially necessary to an animal in such time. Some producers make special forages for pregnant women and the feeding cats.
  7. Important and quantity of cereals. High rating at forages with barley and oats as they are well acquired. It is better not to buy forages with starch. This substance does not bring any benefit. Instead of cereals contain in some types of forages bean or potatoes. They are worse acquired, but can be useful to cats with an allergy to cereals.
  8. The sterilized animals are often inclined to obesity and an urolithic disease. But it is optional to buy to them special food. It is possible just to reduce quantity of a habitual forage approximately by 15%.
  9. The choice of the best dry cat food can depend even on breed and the pet's color. Animals of a light color should not be fed with ready food with the maintenance of seaweed, carrots, tomatoes. Fluffy "Persians" need such structure of granules which promotes a conclusion from a GIT of accidentally swallowed wool (cat's forages of a premium class of Royal Canin Kitten Persian 32 for kittens and Royal Canin Persian 30 for adult animals). Large Maine Coons need the food containing as much as possible meat.
  10. It is impossible to give to healthy animals medical food.
How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat
Upon purchase of a product need to consider many обстоятельства

Существуют the following classes of cat food:

  • house-keeper;
  • premium;
  • superpremium.

It is necessary to consider differences of these classes of food.

Dry cat food (video)


Economy class

Cats quite often love this extremely junk food. Add the fragrances and nutritional supplements alluring animals to it. But such food does not bring anything, except harm. In these cheap and available products there is no natural meat but only bone meal, a low-quality offal and corn which often causes an allergy. The urolithic disease and intestinal frustration can become a consequence of such food.

This food has to be forever excluded from the pet's diet. Because of these low-quality products there was also a myth about harm of any "drying". And if the owner is faced by a question what forage to choose for a cat, then it is necessary to give preference to better food.

How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat

Premium option

At production of such food all ingredients (meat, fish, a bird, cereals) undergo careful selection and certification. They contain enough minerals and vitamins and also animal and vegetable proteins which are well acquired by an organism. It is necessary to consider in more detail cat's forages of a premium class:

  1. Pro Plan half consists of protein. Natural meat of chicken is a part of a product. The forage contains prebiotics which help to digest food. Its shortcoming is higher content of vegetable proteins in comparison with animals. Corn gluten and soy flour which sometimes cause an allergy are a part of a product.
  2. Royal Canin – can quite replace natural food. Minus of Royal Canin is availability of chemical dyes, fragrances and flavoring additives. If at a cat the allergy is not observed, she well transfers such food, it is possible to stop on this product.

Often owners ask what forage is better from premium. Here it is necessary to be guided only by health of an animal. Food which suits one pet leads to an allergy at another. The best cat food are such food which is well transferred by an animal.

When choosing a diet for kids it is necessary to remember that the kitten grows, and it needs a large amount of protein. The following kitten food of a premium class differ in the high content of a protein:

  • Royal Canin Kitten;
  • Pro Plan Junior.

All substances are well acquired by a kitten organism. There is a liquid cat food of age of 4-12 months. It teach Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive 12 with meat pieces in jelly. There is also a Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Mousse mousse for absolutely little kittens up to 4 months.

How to Choose a Dry Feed for a Cat


Cat food of a super-premium class include ingredients of very high quality (a salmon, a lamb, eggs, rice, a turkey). The animal is quickly sated with such food because of high caloric content. It is a product without "chemistry", it does not cause accustoming in cats. At such food the pet receives all necessary of natural products.

On counters of pet-shops it is possible to find the following forages of a super premium class for cats:

  1. 1st Choice is a forage for a cat of a super-premium class. Meat, fish, egg and rice as a part of a product are fine sources of protein. But it is necessary to give to drink to cats often water as granules contain salt.
  2. Bosch Sanabelle is super-premium class cat food with a liver, berries and a bird. The cats eating this forage receive proteins, iron and vitamins. At such food at animals good wool and strong teeth.

With what to feed a cat, only the owner solves. Today the choice of products is huge. It is only necessary to know all merits and demerits of forages and to consider features of the pet.

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