• Sep 17, 2019

this mission seems to Much impracticable, but actually everything is not so terrible. How to define a sex of a kitten?

to define who before you, a cat or a cat, pay attention to distance between genitals and an anus.

At "boys" this distance is more, and genitals and an anus look as two points which are far standing from each other.

the shape of genitals reminds
At "girls" the vertical line, it looks as a point (anus), and at once under it — a stripe.
 How to define a sex of a kitten of a photo
On a photo: the evident instruction how to define a sex of a kitten

the Part of genitals of a cat — testicles (between a penis and an anus). At the birth they are almost imperceptible, are shown and begin to increase in 10 — 12 weeks. To define a sex of a kitten, it is possible to run closed by an index and middle finger in this place. If before you a cat, you feel something, reminding small peas (diameter of 3 — 5 mm).

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