• Dec 23, 2019
Cats can fascinate by

anyone, and at the same time they do not need to do anything at all. Friendly and not really, red, striped, color, all of them different – cats, heroes of animated films and movies which names are known to people of all age. Animated characters whom your pet can resemble.


Kot Tom

The American cat Tom from an animated cartoon known to all "Tom and Gerry" – the hero seeking to catch a little mouse and constantly getting into amusing situations. Tom Trusovat, also seems much sillier than Gerry. Though with such neighbor, the little mouse just is not able to afford to be silly.

If your cat is captured only by instincts "to catch", "eat" and "sleep", he is a little clumsy, трусоват and constantly it appears in awkward situations, for example, gets stuck in packages or falls down from a chair, then just Tom's character suits it, as well as possible.

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Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

It is no wonder that this fluffy hero received a role in full meter, somebody will not resist his signature look.

It is the clever and cunning cat walking in itself, and he always knows how to achieve the desirable. It is not a lovely fluffy murlyka which it is possible to squeeze, the Puss in Boots itself chooses where and when to accept caress.

Cheshire Kot

Cheshire Cat

In each screen version the Cheshire Kot looks differently: thin or thick, violet or green. But the character of an animal always identical is a wisdom, mysteriousness and charm.

Here who the true representative of a cat's sort with a derisive smile and a riddle that will be invented next time by this character. Saying goodbye, it is dissolved in air, and you never know from where it will jump out next time.

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All cats there is a little Garfilda: well-fed, lazy, liking to eat and lie down. It appear the well-known cat in the Russian apartment, he by all means would take the place on pillows or settled on a kitchen window sill near the pan.

It is interesting that the artist who thought up a red cat called it in honor of the grandfather and even allocated it with love to a lasagna. It is impossible to know precisely what dish will please the Russian Garfield, but tasty and many he will definitely not refuse to eat.

of Chuchelo-myauchelo


The animated film about a lovely black kitten won the hearts of many Soviet children. The animated cartoon learns not to despond and always to stay in good mood.

Chuchelo-myauchelo is that cat who always arrives in good mood He is ready to support the owner, улегшись on knees and having sung the purring song.

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Kot Matroskin's

Kot Matroskin

Matroskin is an economic and enterprising fin whale. It is very close to the Russian soul, warm feasts to tea and the village. If your pet well gets on with dogs and stocks food in the most improper places, he is precisely a relative of the most known animated cat.

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