• Jan 8, 2020

the Cat – the most widespread pet. But it is not so simple as it seems. It is possible to determine the future by her behavior. And if to look narrowly and listen to its councils, it is possible to be ready to everything. It concerns both weather conditions, and character of the person who hurries to you on a visit.

How to Determine the Future by how Your Cat Washes

Washes long

If the kitty is concerned by the appearance and diligently washes away wool and an attractive face, then you need to check stocks of a food. All because soon you on a threshold will have guests.

It should be noted that the more intensively the cat washes, the closer to a threshold guests. If the pet imposingly washes with a pad an ear, then you have time to put the apartment in order and to check whether there are sweets to tea.

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Licks a paw

The cat can serve as the real Hydrometeorological center. If the fluffy pet licks a paw, then there will be magnificent weather and it is time for you to gather for walk.

It is necessary to watch the animal. It will be enough to understand what to put on next day.

Washes, having turned to the West

If the pet sits or lies, having turned to the West, wait for a rain or cold wind. Prepare for bad weather. Prepare warm clothes as are never mistaken in this question of a cat.

If the cat intensively washes, having turned to the West, then storm weather comes nearer. It is better to stay at home.

Washes over ears

The cat who washes over ears, foretells rains. If the pet washes one ear, then the rain will be short-term. If washes over ears from two parties, then rains will be pouring and long.

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Washes in the doorway

Cats love rest and a privacy. If suddenly the cat begins to wash near a door, then to you the priest will come.

The fluffy pet foretells fast arrival of the guest if washes quickly and carelessly. If the pet does not hurry and carefully washes away a hair, then so important guest as the priest will come a little later.

Washes on the person

Cats very much like to lie standing at the person and to heat him the heat. But if the cat begins to wash on hands at the owner, it foretells arrival of the bad person.

Thus the cat wants to save the owner from unpleasant communication. The longer she washes, the more unpleasantly the personality to you hurries.

Each animal loves caress and a cosiness. If to make thrifty use of the pet, then the fluffy friend will prompt what to do next in life.

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