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How to disaccustom a cat to spoil in not put place, the beginning breeders of animals know not everything. Cats are the most frequent pets living side by side with the person. These are clever, lovely creatures which give to people many pleasant minutes. But sometimes there are problems, and the pet begins to soil housing in the most improper places, persistently without wishing to use a tray. How to cope with this situation? What can be undertaken that the cat after all followed rules of house behavior?

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place
How to disaccustom a cat to spoil in not put place, the beginning breeders of animals know not everything.
All advice and actions which help to disaccustom cats to spoil anywhere are suitable

also for education of a polecat. As well as cats, these animals are very clean, and in the absence of particular problems are quite easily accustomed to go to a tray.

Essence of a problem

Cats by the nature of the neatnik. This instinctive behavior is developed for centuries. If the pet ceases or does not want to use a tray at all, so it has on that serious reasons. Clarification of these circumstances will help owners to solve a problem with undesirable behavior of a polecat or a cat.

The problem of unwillingness to use a tray arises at the animals who had negative experience of communication with people more often. In other words, if a kitten or an adult cat is afraid and does not trust owners, then in her behavior there can be any strangenesses. Therefore, accustoming a kitten or a polecat to a tray, it is impossible to use power methods at all or to intimidate a pet. Only the patience and the tender address will promote that your animal as the latrine will use sooner or later only a special tray. For a start it is necessary to define the most common causes preventing domestic cats to use own toilet.

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place
of the Cat by the nature of the neatnik.

If the reason of avoiding of a tray – pain

If the cat or a cat were accustomed to a tray, and then suddenly began to spoil in other places, then first of all it is necessary to exclude any pathologies of a secretory system. If process of an excrement causes pain at an animal, then there is an associative communication a tray — pain. Therefore the cat will look for any other places where she her will not be inconveniently.

In what cases the cat can feel pain at visit of a toilet? Locks are the frequent reason of problems with defecation. This problem is characteristic at the wrong feeding, low-mobility of an animal, obesity, hormonal violations, in old age. In this case it is necessary to balance a pet diet, to enter vegetable components into food (green leaves of a wheat grass or sedge are especially useful).

At locks cat's it is useful to give sour milk, a cauliflower, a boiled liver and low-fat fish. The correct and timely care of animal hair will help to avoid emergence of an unpleasant state. Licking itself, cats daily swallow wool. Accumulating in intestines and forming lumps, the swallowed wool can become the reason of impassability of body. Therefore the animal will have very useful the daily combing or wiping of wool moist hands promoting removal of the dropped-out hairs as a measure of prevention of locks.

Other reason is more characteristic of the cats who are especially castrated. When feeding by dry feeds such animals very often have an urolithic disease. This dangerous disease is followed by strong pain in kidneys. Cats experience the greatest tortures at the movement of concrements on mochetochnik which arises at the time of an urine otkhozhdeniye. Prevention of this disease is the full refusal of dry food and feeding of a cat only natural fresh products. At suspicion of an urolithic disease the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian urgently. Unpleasant feelings at a cat quite often arise also in case of a helminthic invasion. Therefore anthelminthic means give to pets at least 1 time in half a year.

How to disaccustom a cat to spoil in not put place (video)

If is not pleasant to a cat a tray

its inconvenience is the reason of unwillingness Following on prevalence to use a tray. the tray can not be pleasant to the Cat for various reasons. Sometimes it too small, and an animal is not located in it. In this case quite often "surprises" are formed near a tray. Sometimes the design of adaptation contains elements which jam animal hair. It will be pleasant to whom when so responsible moment comes to an end with wipe of a shred of hair? The majority of cats does not love trays from cheap smelly plastic and the flavored fillers. Everything has to smell naturally. So it is necessary to select a tray according to taste of a cat.

Quite frequent reason that the animal does not go to a tray is her excessive cleanliness. Cases when cats can use only clean adaptation are known. After they visited a toilet, it is required to remove traces of their stay immediately. Of course, it is difficult to follow all actions of an animal. In that case 2 or 3 trays will help. Or it is necessary to clean every time after an animal.

Some animals cannot use a tray to which also other pets go. Solution similar: several trays. If in a toilet there is no filler, it is necessary to wash it not less once a day. And for processing it is the best of all to use usual laundry soap. It perfectly saves from a smell and well disinfects capacity. The modern detergents containing chlorine or acid can be intolerable for a sensitive cat's nose. Therefore their use is capable to become the search reason animal other space for a toilet.

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place

One more reason of unwillingness of the pet to use a tray – incorrectly chosen place. Cats not only clean, but also quite reserved animals. Therefore for normal process of depletion they need a privacy. Therefore if the tray costs in the through passage or often visited place, the cat will independently choose the site more suitable for a toilet. If you have such modest woman, acquisition of a tray lodge will become a possible solution. In it the cat will not see other living beings, and to her will be quieter.

In general stresses and strong negative emotions of cats as well as people, are capable of some time to unsettle. In such situation even if the murka regularly used a tray, it can suddenly change the habits. the Stress is capable to cause moving on the new residence, capital repairs, emergence of new objects or residents in "her" house and different others of the reasons ы. If it is noticeable that the cat some time shows excessive excitability and at the same time forgot about the tray, it has to be helped by demulcents, such as Kot Bayun, Fiteks, Spirit Essences, Serene or cat's mint.

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place

How to make a toilet attractive

That the problem of how to disaccustom an adult cat disappeared to spoil in not put places, in the first stage it is necessary to carry out a number of actions:

  1. To find out the reason of unwillingness of a cat to use a tray.
  2. To try to remove this cause.
  3. Carefully to wash up all places which the cat used under a toilet.
  4. It is possible to apply means with a strong smell to scaring away of a cat from the places chosen by her. By the way, very many animals do not transfer a smell of a citrus. So sometimes happens enough to spread out crusts of oranges or tangerines in all secluded corners to return a cat or a polecat to use of a tray.
  5. It is possible to apply the rustling objects, for example, a foil or polyethylene. Here the reserve of a cat is used. If here not the secluded place is heard to find it, so easily, and it follows from this that. As a result the cat will cease to use the corner chosen by her under a toilet.
  6. Cats will never spoil where food. Therefore if on secluded corners to place pans with food, their cat under a toilet will definitely not use. However, this way can lead to appearance of cockroaches.

Even if the cat defecated in not put place, she cannot be beaten, shouted or stuck a murka with a muzzle into a pool. Such methods of "education" will lead only to the fact that the animal will go to a toilet only when there is nobody nearby. It is enough to cat to let know that you are dissatisfied, a strict voice. And here encouragement for use of a tray will be an incentive for repetition of this action. Give to a cat for the correct behavior something tasty, praise and caress her. And soon the animal with pleasure will go to a tray.

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place

General councils and recommendations

How to disaccustom a kitten to spoil in not put place? If the small animal who recently appeared in the house does not wish to be accustomed to a tray in any way, take advice of skilled fans of cats. If there is an opportunity, find out from cat mother owners whether the kid is accustomed to a tray. If yes, what filler they use that. Happens so that the kitten got used to a certain type of filler, and another is not pleasant to it. It is necessary to accustom to other type of means gradually, replacing a part habitual for an animal of subjects which you want to use further.

At first it is necessary to limit the territory of a kitten to one room that all objects necessary to it were in a zone of its access. When the animal gets used to a tray, the last can be moved to more suitable place. Even if the kitten spoiled beds or on things, he cannot be beaten at all. This action can fix a habit to defecate in hard-to-reach spots at a kitten. Just carefully wash things with the fragrant conditioner. It is possible to use spirits or cologne. The strong smell will interfere with the choice of a bed or clothes as a pot. Positive stimulation for use of a tray will much quicker let know to the kid that want from it, than punishment, especially if it is applied not directly behind the wrong action.

Regarding adult animal a problem of how to disaccustom a cat to spoil in not put place, it is quite difficult, but a reshima. For this purpose time and patience will be required. It is possible to use all above described methods. Clean traces of crimes of a fluffy shkodnik thoroughly. Remember that the strict reprimand works only at the time of "crime".

How to Disaccustom a Cat or a Polecat to Spoil in Not Put Place

If to lecture a cat half an hour later after he spoiled, the animal simply will not understand what it is abused for.

It is possible to use the following methods of breaking from improper places. At the time of action knock the newspaper or the book on a floor near a cat or sprinkle it water. These are actions, unpleasant for an animal, but they will not cause extensive damage to its mentality. And still: cats are territorial animals. In the nature they always mark the territory. Houses males can be engaged in this business purely instinctively. A radical method of disposal of tags of an animal is his sterilization.

How to disaccustom cats to spoil in the house? Happens so that the pet will be acquired on the street, and the toilet arranges in the house. In that case it is necessary to arrange to a cat intolerable "aromatherapy". Any strongly smelling substances will approach. Carefully wash out all floors with bleaching powder or vinegar. Spread out in secluded places of a crust of a citrus, polished garlic, drop lavender oil – animals do not transfer these smells. Maintaining aromas, unpleasant for a cat or a polecat, in the house, sooner or later you disaccustom them to spoil in not put places.

Why a cat spoils (video)


It is possible to accustom pets to necessary action only by means of patience and positive stimulation. To teach to use an adult murka a tray always much more difficult, than a kitten. But also on it only time and patience is required.

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