• Dec 28, 2018

to Cope with cat's instincts happens not easy. But it does not mean, of course, that now it is necessary to reconcile to the fact that it does the things in places, for this purpose not intended at all. It is possible to correct it – everything that you need – to use smells which frighten off cats.


They hate them. Therefore you can safely raspryskat on a surface which needs to be protected from a cat, or to spread out skins from a lemon. The effect will be excellent.


This smell, first, frightens off cats, secondly, perfectly kills a smell of cat's urine. Two pluses in one.

How to disaccustom a cat to mark the territory: 3 smells which frighten off cats


One more unexpected option – your favourite spirits. Your cat can be not so strongly impressed with them – the aroma can even be unpleasant to him. And this way, besides, has one more plus – it frightens off a cat, but is pleasant for you. And it is precisely best of all, than garlic which will frighten off also a cat, and you.

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