• Sep 20, 2019
Owners of cats know

what their vigorous pets. Sometimes their obvious activity in the movement is observed at night that strongly prevents owners to sleep. There is an irritation and nervousness. How to restore silence and to disaccustom the pet to rush at night? We will answer these questions in article.

How to disaccustom a cat to rush at night: 4 simple councils

Provide with

to a cat activity during the day

The animal actively runs at night because few forces spend in the afternoon. Therefore owners should diversify activity of the cat.

Try to play more with the pet. Buy or make independently toys. It is important to cats to satisfy the hunting instinct. Let the animal run behind a string, a ball or an artificial mouse. The purpose of the favourite will be to catch a moving subject and to gnaw it.

Also cat's complexes and plates for a lasagna on which the fluffy friend will be able to run and jump perfectly will be suitable for activity. As a result all excess energy will be spent in the afternoon, and on evening bustle of forces will not remain.

Equip with

the place for a cat closer to a window

Cats – fans to watch the events around. Therefore they are recommended to equip the comfortable place near a window.

Some owners put on a window sill in the house a soft rug that it was more convenient to their pet to lie. The favourite will look out of the window, to watch movement of cars and people therefore it will have no desire to arrange night jogs on the apartment.

Densely feed with

before going to bed

The activity of cats is one of the reasons search of food at night. It is desirable to feed densely the pet with beef, chicken or other meat products in the evening. After active day, physical activity and a good dinner the favourite will not have chance to rush on the house at night.

The tired and full pet will very quickly fall asleep. But it is necessary to reinsure itself and to leave a small amount of a forage in a bowl. If the cat wakes up and will want to eat again, then at him already everything will be prepared. Therefore your sleep will not be interrupted.

And you can just close doors to the bedroom

The most effective way is simply to close doors to the bedroom. You will not hear the favourite who will run on other rooms.

But this method has the shortcomings. The pet can begin to long, mew and scratch doors. The cat can want to get in any ways to you to the bedroom.

If the activity of an animal is not connected with attraction of your attention, then it is possible to use this way. In the return case it will not be effective.

To save from night jogs of the favourites really. It is rather correct to look after them and to find for them time. Cats become quiet when they full, healthy and confident in the safety. Having provided to the pet all conditions, you will find a dream, silence and rest.

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