• Sep 16, 2019
the Scratching of furniture can fairly impair a little an interior and nervous system of owners. Why our favourites act this way and how to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture?

 How to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture
On a photo: the cat scratches furniture

Why the cat scratches furniture?

the Cat can scratch furniture for two reasons:
  1. It needs to grind off claws.
  2. Thus the cat marks the territory.
However by what motives our fluffy and sharp-clawed friend would not be guided, from it is not easier for owners. A furniture scratching – one of reasons for refusal of cats and even if it remains in family, it does not promote warm attitude to a fluffy.

 How to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture

How to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture?

Many are solved on cardinal measures of fight against a furniture scratching – on removal of claws. This procedure is banned in many countries of the world, but, unfortunately, not at us. Operation on removal of claws is very painful, as well as the rehabilitation period as not only the claw, but also the first phalanx of fingers is removed. Therefore we cannot recommend this way of fight against a furniture scratching.
Especially as there are also humane ways to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture.
to Force a cat not to sharpen claws it is impossible, but it is possible to accustom her to do it in specially allotted places. On sale there is a huge number когтеточек. Offer your cat several options at choice to understand what of them to her to liking. When you decide on the choice, place a little chosen когтеточек on house perimeter, but surely strongly fix that they did not fall and did not frighten your cat.
 How to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture
For drawing attention of a cat a kogtetochka can be processed cat's mint, to hang up on it a favourite toy of a murlyka. It is also possible to use the sprays attracting a cat which are on sale in pet-shops.
a kogtetochka near a berth of a cat. These small animals like to warm up paws after a dream.
Every time when the cat uses a kogtetochka for designated purpose, you praise it.
Protect with
access to those things which the cat scratched before. These are temporary measures until your favourite completely is accustomed to a kogtetochka. It is also possible to use the frightening-off sprays or to paste over places of a scratching with a bilateral adhesive tape or a foil.
When you found a cat at the time of a scratching, just distract it.
do not punish a cat physically At all! Physical punishments there is nothing good will not bring, effect of them only negative.
needs Also to cut regularly to a cat claws.

What should not be done when breaking a cat at all to scratch furniture?

  • do not force a cat to approach a kogtetochka and do not hold it near a kogtetochka violently.
  • do not throw out the become useless favourite kogtetochka.
 How to disaccustom a cat to scratch furniture On a photo: Kogtetochka for a cat "

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