• Sep 29, 2019

the Heart attack meets at cats infrequently, but if occurs, then it is as dangerous, as for the person. The insidiousness of an illness is that at an early stage there are no bright symptoms which unambiguously indicate heart attack. The owner of a cat has to know what changes in behavior of an animal are symptoms of a heart trouble, it can save life of the favourite pet.

How to Distinguish a Heart Attack at a Cat

Loss of coordination of movements

A heart attack — a dangerous state at which there is a dying off of a part of a cardiac muscle. Blood supply of all organism is broken, also the brain suffers. Therefore at a cat coordination is broken, and sometimes he absolutely ceases to be guided in space. The pet tries to move less and if after all goes, then uncertainly and being unsteady.

air Inhalation by an open mouth

Very often it happens one of the first symptoms of a heart disease. Violation of blood supply causes oxygen starvation. The animal begins to inhale air a mouth, breath becomes frequent, becomes heavy, short wind develops.

Expanded pupils

If at a cat at bright light pupils are expanded it means that he feels pain. At a stress and pain in blood the level of adrenaline which forces pupils to extend increases. Cats are very patient and when something hurts them, can not show it. But their eyes will tell you that in their organism something is not right.

Loud miaow

In process of development of a disease the pain syndrome amplifies. When pain becomes intolerable, the animal begins to mew plaintively, trying to draw to itself attention of the owner, calls for help become louder and can pass into the real shouting.


Feeling severe pain behind a breast, the poor creature strongly is nervous and worries. Sometimes the cat has aggression flashes, he can bite and scratch the person interested to help it the person. Then excitement passes into a sluggish, apathetic state.

Pale or even blue shade of a mouth

At a heart attack the cat tests a hypoxia or oxygen starvation. All body tissues suffer from the shortage of air. It is well noticeable on mucous membranes of gums and a mouth: they at first turn pale, and then can get a cyanotic shade.

Weak appetite or in general is absent

Loss of appetite is one of protective mechanisms, all forces of an animal are directed to fight against a disease, and digestion of food takes away too much precious energy. Therefore the sick pet refuses food.

Cats can lose appetite for a set of the reasons (for example, because of stresses), this the phenomenon, usual for them. But if there passed 2-3 days, and the favourite continues to refuse food, it is time to sound the alarm. And if other disturbing symptoms also joined starvation, it is necessary to be engaged in treatment immediately!


At animals, as well as at people, the heartache gives to the left half of a body. During heart attack the cat can feel pain in an elbow joint of a front left pad therefore when walking it has a lameness. Soon pain completely will move to the area of a breast.

So, now you know the main symptoms of a heart attack at cats. But only the doctor by means of special inspections will be able to make the final diagnosis, he will appoint also treatment.

The responsible owner, having noticed one or several symptoms of a disease of heart at an animal, has to show as soon as possible the favourite to the veterinarian, self-treatment is inadmissible here. You watch behavior of the fluffy friend, be attentive to its "strangenesses" and if necessary urgently help him.

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