• Oct 22, 2019

Animals take the important place in our life. They have fun when to us it is good, and are stuck with noses into our chin when we badly feel. On this background the death of the close friend having a tail – big loss from which it is possible to depart only after a while.

How to experience the death of a cat: 4 useful recommendations from psychologists

to Remember the pleasant moments

The first days after the death of the fluffy favourite psychologists advise to devote to pleasant memories. To remember how the kitten appeared as he ridiculously moved paws and stuck the curious nose everywhere. Later time he began to turn into a beautiful kitty, already knew how to ask a forage and when it is necessary to purr to receive delicacy.

After death of an animal it is important to be in a conscious state, to understand that it had to happen sooner or later. It is necessary to talk to himself and to release an animal. From memories of a cat the smile upon the face, feeling of joy and boundless gratitude that at some point it was near to life has to appear.

Time to open the folder from video on the computer and to reconsider all moments where your house favourite flashes came. To thumb through photos in which she with pleasure sleeps or bites by a hand during the game.

At positive memoirs the level of the hormone which is responsible for happiness increases. Thanks to it, the person will not plunge into melancholy and to think of a bad outcome. Every time when in the head bad thoughts appear, it is necessary to switch instantly to pleasant memories, thereby protecting itself from heavy experiences.

to Get rid of a prophetic cat

Things and objects which the cat used, it is necessary to remove for a while. In life they meanwhile will not be necessary, but still are things which bring memoirs.

The bowl for food can be given to the friends who decided to start a kitten, or to take out to the yard, feeding up domestic cats.

In terms of psychology, getting rid of the prophetic favourite, the person internally says goodbye to an animal and begins to accept the course of events. In the same time clarification force works – throwing out old things, we open the road for new.

The left empty things in the house will torment more often the owner, than those which are removed long ago.

to Change


In order that quickly and without stress to endure the loss moment, it is necessary to change the habits. It is necessary to begin with early morning. Now instead of feeding a cat, it is necessary to be engaged in morning meditation, a light training, reading books or any other interesting business.

The most difficult is to learn to cope with the coming frustration in the evening. In the evening and at night people become the most sentimental. Psychologists advise to pay the attention to the occupations causing adrenaline. For example, strength sport and fast run.

Adrenaline, being pleasure hormone, helps to cope with a stress. Therefore, the more often it will be developed, the quicker there will take place process of restoration from loss. Also the sport and run mean work on result. Having made the schedule for a week or two, you will begin to try to obtain improvement of indicators: to run more, to squat more deeply.

Cats often sleep with the owner on a bed. If your favourite arrived also, then now for change of a habit you should sleep several weeks on the sofa. Thus it is possible to get rid of expectation that the favourite will return soon.

If you got used to walk with a cat on a lead, replace these walks with a meeting with friends or family.

Changing habits, the person displaces vision focus. Now the stress from loss is outside its field of vision. In the present moment there are only new habits and a way to the improved indicators.

to Bring the new favourite

It is necessary to make the new fluffy friend only while you completely departed from the previous loss. It is impossible to associate a new kitten with the old favourite. He has habits, the character. Therefore, it will be necessary to love it in a new way. Experts recommend not to get a new animal, similar to previous.

For the rest, the little kitten will be able to become a new pet. To bring joy to the house, to purr in the mornings and to chase the owner about the room.

It is much easier to endure loss of a pet if to follow the given advice, and new hobbies and habits will help to say goodbye to a stress in a short space of time.

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