• Dec 23, 2019

In the nature of a cat receive moisture from food and the feeling of thirst at them is dulled. Pets generally eat dry feeds and have to consume twice more water. Otherwise the urolithic disease and a renal failure quickly develop. It means what in every way needs to try to accustom a cat to be drunk as often as possible.

How to force a cat to drink from a bowl: 6 working ways

to Rearrange

from a bowl with a forage

In wild conditions of a cat eat production, and a part of remains stop decaying on the earth that leads to infection of everything that is nearby. Drink of a cat got used to be looked for far away from food therefore the first that needs to be made – to remove a bowl with water far away from food.

It is possible that just it is not pleasant to a cat that water from the next bowl at Laconia gets to a forage. Because of it it begins to inflate, changing consistence and a smell therefore the animal tries not to drink from the next plate not to spoil the food.

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Water with ice

The small objects floating in liquid very much amuse cats. Animals try to catch them, wet paws, then lick and thus drink. Ice cubes especially attract cats who are ready to lick them until those thaw completely. Just pour cool water in a bowl, put ice there and your pet by all means will drink.

Several bowls

Cats are lazy by the nature and if behind food they are ready to go to a bowl where it stood, then with water the situation is exactly the opposite. A way out – to place several bowls of different volume, on one to each room and it is desirable at different height. The pet will independently define what is pleasant to him more and then what he avoids, it will be possible to remove. The main thing not to place a bowl, for example, near the vacuum cleaner and other objects of which the cat strongly is afraid.

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change water More often

Cats all define on a smell therefore the water which stood in a day with a musty smell will hardly be pleasant to them. It is necessary to change drink not less than 1 time a day, and it is better for a thicket.

It is the most useful to use the following water:

  • filtered as in it there are less salts loading an urinogenital system;
  • spring which is enriched with oxygen does not contain chlorine and similar impurity, unlike water;
  • otstoyanny day in the dark cool place (to merge 2/3 clear water in a cat's bowl, and a deposit – in a sink).

Worst of all boiled water, as in it very few useful substances.

New bowl

At each cat the strangenesses: one without problems will drink from a basin for soaking of linen, and other of a master's jug. It can give, of course, the fallen in love capacity, but it is better to experiment, having bought a new bowl. Choose at the bottom of what something bright is drawn. Possibly, the cat will try to get it, drinking enough water on the way to the purpose.

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the Fountainlet for cats

Cats like to drink "live" water which flows from under the crane, but most of people cannot leave the gate open for all day, then the account for utilities will be very impressive. The ideal decision for the cat who is essentially wishing to drink only the flowing water – purchase of the fountainlet for animals. The pet will be able to play with a stream and to get drunk much when wants. But it is necessary to watch purity of the fountainlet and to fill in in it fresh water daily.

Using these councils, you will be able to accustom the cat to drink water which is so important for her health. But if you have very capricious pet, try to add still cat's mint which it is possible to drip directly in a bowl. Or pass to damp forages at which use it is optional to cat to receive additional liquid.

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