• May 19, 2019

Rhinitis, or cold — very unpleasant symptom for animals. The clogged nose does not allow to breathe normally, causes headaches and desire to scratch a source of troubles nearly till it bleeds. The bacteria which are formed in exudate do not promote recovery of the pet. Manufacturers tell how to help a cat to cope with house cold, without support of the veterinarian.

As to a Cat to Help to Cope with Cold

of the Reason and emergency aid

Before trying to treat cold at a cat, it is necessary to find out its reason. Unlike people, rhinitis at pets — always the serious symptom demanding the immediate appeal to clinic. of Causes of illness is a lot of — they can be determined by the nature of allocations:

Overcooling of a Cat

  • overcooling — transparent and liquid "falls";
  • an infection (bacteria, a virus, mushrooms) — viscous, green or yellow;
  • a trauma — with blood;
  • a foreign matter — sometimes with blood, plentiful, liquid;
  • an allergy or local irritation — transparent, plentiful, liquid;
  • new growths — regular, gradually, sometimes with blood.

At first accurately clean the nasal courses, a lobe and area around it. You should not allow formations of crusts and long congestion, it will aggravate symptomatology .

Clean a cat's nose with a wadded disk and warm soft water for hygiene of babies. Washing to a rinoskopiya cannot be done: in case of a trauma, a tumor or a foreign matter the favourite can do much harm.

Instillation Drops in a Nose to a Cat

It is impossible to pick sticks inside too. For exudate washing away carefully dig in (do not pour!) physical solution the pipette or the syringe without needle. Let the cat during the unpleasant procedure sniff and shakes the head as much as necessary, so it will quicker get rid of allocations .

If hypostasis is noticeable or there are serious reasons to suspect an allergy, it is necessary to make an injection of a suprastin. Drug is injected the insulin syringe in a femoral muscle, time a day on 0.3 ml. Without the recommendations of the doctor three such injections are admissible. Even if cold at a cat not because of an allergy, супрастин will remove puffiness, will reduce intensity of sneezing and an itch.

Medicines of the first choice

Drops of Maksidin

Drops of Maksidin will help in case suspicion on reduced immunity is . It is veterinary medicine, it is appointed in a complex at treatment of infections of various etiology. Cheaper, but the analog checked by time — intranazalny drops of Anandin. The ointment of the same name will help to heal wounds around the inflamed nose.

Solution of Furacilin and мирамистин struggle with bacterial infections. They can be dug in in a nose, them to process a lobe and area around it. Solution has to be fresh, room temperature. It is convenient to irrigate with Miramistin with the spray a mouth and a throat if the infection affected also them.

at cats cannot apply human vasoconstrictive medicines To treatment of cold independently. But they can be replaced with Akwa Mâris spray. It works more softly and is absolutely safe — the main thing that salty liquid did not get into eyes.

The sick pet needs to provide rest

The sick pet needs to provide rest and warm food in the small portions three times a day. It is important that was not drafts . If the cat strongly scratches a nose, it is necessary to use a protective collar. It is important to understand that treatment of cold is an elimination of a symptom. And only the veterinarian whom it is necessary to address in the nearest future will be able to find out the reason.

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