• Sep 16, 2019
Exists the myth that cats do not give in to training and do only that want "here and now". However the persistence and patience allow to impart, for example, to a cat good manners: to use as a toilet a tray, but not your shoes, to sharpen claws about a kogtetochka, but not about a sofa, and even to go on a breast-band.
Despite external independence, domestic cats, as a rule, nevertheless are guided by opinion of owners and are ready to master the basic program. The main thing not to "break" a cat, and to use her natural bents.

For example, curiosity will allow you to teach the pet to use a kogtetochka. It is possible several times to carry out by nails in this remarkable subject — in the face of the favourite. The scratching sound for certain will interest a kitten, he can repeat your movements and find out that the kogtetochka, generally, is absolutely not so bad as it can seem at first sight.
 Kogtetochka for a cat of a photo
On a photo: a kogtetochka for a cat
to awaken a bigger interest, it is possible to process a kogtetochka something attractive, for example, by cat's mint. It is possible to repeat processing in several days.

One of the biggest mistakes: to take a kitten for pads and to try by force "to teach" to scratch a kogtetochka. Coercion is what cats hate with all the heart. The kitten will be indignant, and it will be already quite difficult to you to overcome his disgust for this subject.

Can accustom a cat to the breast-band suitable by the size. In the beginning it is put on for a short time that the fluffy got used. Then it is possible to begin walks on a lead — in the beginning on the house, then for a while to go to the yard. Main yours at the same time — to ensure safety of a canine friend.

is better to begin training of a kitten with early age as soon as it appeared in your house.
the Cat can be taught also amusing tricks. Look narrowly at habits of the favourite. If the cat likes to jump, you can teach her to jump on a shoulder or to break small barriers. If the murlyka likes to carry toys in teeth, it is possible to master an aportirovka. There are cats who adore rising by back pads. But you remember that by force you teach nothing the pet.

that cats quickly enough get tired. Therefore occupations have to be short (several minutes), and one action should not repeat more than 2 — 3 times.

Encouragement can serve a praise, delicacy or caress — everything depends on preferences of a cat. Remember that it is necessary to encourage while she made the necessary action.

Act with
step by step, do not demand everything and at once. Your main resource — patience, stock up of
 the Cat plays a photo
If the cat makes some indecency (from your point of view), it can be distracted, having offered delicacy. Or to tell firm "no". The sharp short sound is rather unpleasant for cats. But it is necessary to correct a kitten while he "commits a crime". Because even if there will pass two seconds after undesirable action, he will not understand any more, than you are dissatisfied.

the Absolute taboo has to be imposed on loud shouts, abuse and physical punishments.
of the Cat are very emotional, and similar actions of you will make them timid or embittered.
If a cat is afraid of the owner, it constantly is in tension. And when there is one, is simply forced to move actively as a discharge, including to scratch objects or to involuntarily empty a bladder.
the Cat never revenges the person for something. If you are inclined to accuse the alumna of something similar, so she feels enormous discomfort and thus signals you that something not as it should be.

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