• Apr 11, 2019

Pregnancy — time when the animal needs special care from the owner. It is difficult to inexperienced owner to understand that his alumna will bring kittens into world soon. For the manufacturers, with impatience expecting emergence of posterity it is important to define as soon as possible, how successfully there took place knitting. Will allow to make it 5 signs that the cat became pregnant.

Signs that the Cat Became Pregnant

When occurs fertilization, the hormonal background of an animal changes.

It affects his behavior, health and appearance:

Signs of a Pregnant Cat

  • Appetite of a female raises , she is capable to eat twice more forage, than usually. And also flavoring preferences can change. Pregnant cats quite often show interest in products and smells which before them did not attract at all.
  • In the first two weeks after conception at the alumna can be observed symptoms of toxicosis: temperature increase of a body, morning nausea and vomiting. If in the afternoon the condition of an animal is stabilized, intervention of the expert is not required.
  • of the Pacifier of a pregnant cat bulk up and become bright pink. This sign is especially noticeable if the female became pregnant for the first time.
  • the Alumna becomes less active , tries not to make sharp movements. Duration of a dream of an animal increases, it tries to avoid active games and does not jump on various eminences not to do much harm to the developing fruits.
  • For the second month after fertilization at the alumna begins to grow quickly vividly t. On the seventh week of pregnancy kittens begin to move. At this time future mother shows concern and diligently looks for the place for arrangement of a nest.

As Pregnancy at a Cat Proceeds

It is necessary to consider that signs of pregnancy at different cats can differ. For example, some females suffer from severe toxicosis and practically do not gain weight, and others eat for two. In certain cases pregnancy is false. To receive exact result, it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

Having observed behavior of a cat, the attentive owner can understand whether knitting came to the end with fertilization. To confirm the assumptions, it is possible to bring the alumna to ultrasonography.

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