• Oct 14, 2019

of the Cat – not really emotional animals, and therefore are not inclined to frequent and rough manifestation of feelings. And to understand in what mood there is a cat at present, the owner should be the most observant and to pay attention to her mimicry and movements. As a rule, expression of a muzzle, stir of a tail and position of a body can tell about much, allowing to reach full mutual understanding with a pet.

How to Learn to Define Precisely Mood of a Cat


Expressive cat's eyes, moustaches and ears are capable to transfer full scale of feelings and emotions which are experienced by an animal. If the cat is at rest, the look her also expresses attention and tranquility. Ears at the same time rise vertically, and the sink is turned forward. Tell about playful mood widely disclosure of an eye and the alerted ears. And if they are strained and developed back while moustaches stick out forward and pupils are narrowed – means a cat overflows anger, rage and discontent. When poluzakryta eyes, and muscles are weakened – the cat takes full satisfaction and a liking for the one who is near it. But it should open widely eyes, to expand pupils, and to press ears and moustaches to the head – as right there it is possible to distinguish readiness for the attack, aggression or fear.


Watching cats, at many it seems that their tail – really unique body which as if lives life. Even if the body of an animal is without the movement, the tail can "stagger" the most unimaginable on which it will be possible to guess mood of the pet.

The tail which is in a quiet state, lowered down and located parallel to the earth speaks about neutral mood. If it sharply rises up, remaining "pipe" in situation - it is a strong indication of a friendly spirit or joy at appearance of the owner. Watching potential production or interesting events, cats show special curiosity and enthusiasm, and the tail tip at such moments slightly shakes. Sharp movements here and there speak about playful and even hazardous spirit of an animal. And smoother – about the concentrated observation of something. When the cat is angry and is dissatisfied with something, she sharply wags a tail which tip is bent. The condition of the highest degree of rage, aggression or external threat will help to distinguish vertically raised, fluffed up tail.

of the Movement of a body

The mood of a cat can be "read" also by position of a flexible and graceful body. The bent back – sign of the highest degree of pleasure from strokings and tender touches. The back curved by an arch – opposite, says that the animal feels threat, danger, rage or a fright. If the cat literally "creeps" on a floor, smoothly moving halfbent pads, she means is in playful mood and wishes to hunt. Rejoicing to a meeting with the owner, cats quite often "get" under feet, in every possible way trying to draw attention to themselves and showing the highest degree of friendliness. While "butting" the head and being trampled down by front pads, animals show gratitude, pleasure and a benevolent spirit. But the pose on a back, with stretched in the parties pads when the stomach which is the most weak spot of all cat's is protected by nothing speaks about full confidence and a sense of security.

Besides the general signs of this or that state, each cat can have the features of character promoting expression of emotions by others, not similar to standard, ways. At the same time the observant owner will always manage to distinguish all shades mood of a favourite cat, reaching thereby the highest extent of mutual understanding and full harmony.

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