• Oct 25, 2019

In shops for animals is on sale a set of models of cat's stove benches. But it is possible to make independently a cool and convenient plank bed for the favourite in only several hours. For this purpose you should not buy expensive fabrics. See attentively contents of your clothes or the storeroom, for certain, you will find a lot of suitable material. Your favourite pet will surely estimate the stove bench made your hands.

the Plank bed with boards

How to Make a Cool Plank Bed for a Cat with Own Hands

To make a stove bench with boards, it will be necessary for you:

  • cardboard or the newspaper for a pattern;
  • scissors;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • needle and threads;
  • ruler;
  • dense and soft fabric;
  • pins to fasten details;
  • holofiber or sintepon for stuffing.

Prepare a template. You need to draw with a felt-tip pen on the newspaper or cardboard a circle or an oval of the necessary size and to cut out it. Then apply a template to the chosen fabric and lead round a felt-tip pen. Cut out preparation from fabric and sew it on edge, having put in half. Fill it sintepon or holofiber.

As an alternative you can take usual fabric fabric of which bed linen is made if your pet likes to sleep on the straightened bed. However it will serve not for long, as well as silk with cotton. Take mixed better material in which cotton contains in half with viscose or polyester. Such fabric is more durable and will be able to endure any washing. You can use old jeans also. They it is more difficult in processing, but it will be easier for you to remove cat's wool from such plank bed. Linen fabric is quickly rumpled. Sew from it a removable cover better.

To fasten all details manually, use a secret seam. Stick a needle from inner side of fabric on front, and then back. Fix a thread by knot. Connect two turned-in edges and make a stitch from a wrong side. Bring a thread to the face and again connect bends, having pulled a thread.

That at you the manual seam which imitates a machine line turned out, fix a thread by a small knot and sew stitches of 0.5 cm in size. Lay to a stitch on front and inner side and thrust a needle back. Pull thread that stitches did not look sagged. On the face at you the equal machine line, and on back – stitches on 1 cm will turn out

If when stuffing you lacked holofiber or sintepon, it is possible to use various rags, light soft jackets,

the Plank bed on the battery

How to Make a Cool Plank Bed for a Cat with Own Hands

This plank bed fastens on the battery. Such construction will be relevant in cold season. As well as the previous type of a plank bed, this is sewed rather simply.

It will be necessary for you:

  • dense fabric (at choice);
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • meter;
  • a strong wire or a thick rod from metal.

The size of a battery plank bed completely depends on the size of your cat. It is necessary to measure her when it stretches on a floor in all length. Your hand-made article has to have same length also. Width should be measured by eye, but there will be quite enough 20-25 cm.

Now determine by meter width of the battery. It is necessary to determine the size of a hook which will cling and hold a plank bed. The framework of a plank bed of this type can have a rectangular shape, but it is allowed roundish and oval.

Measure width of a plank bed and all its side part. Cut out two pieces of fabric and sew them from three parties. Then insert a framework into the turned-out cover the same as you pass a blanket in a blanket cover. Such cover is made of natural fabric at your choice. You can take plush material – it surely will be pleasant to your favourite. However it is undesirable to take cheap synthetics as after contact with wool, it will be electrified and will give to an animal a lot of inconvenience.

the Design for a window sill

How to Make a Cool Plank Bed for a Cat with Own Hands

The plank bed for a window sill becomes the same as a plank bed with boards. However sides are not necessary here. It is the best of all to do such plank bed in the form of a square or rectangular pillow. In the beginning you cut out a square or rectangular template from cardboard, later you lead round it on fabric. At you two halves have to turn out. You sew them from inner side and you fill foam rubber or sintepon. In production this model the simplest. However you can include the imagination and decorate a pillow of your favourite with an edging or a frill.

If the cat has playful character, then it is better to sew on one corner a pompon on a tape. That the plank bed did not fall from a window sill, attach it by means of a bilateral adhesive tape. If a stove bench rigid, then it can be fixed by two clamps. Such option most of all will be suitable for narrow window sills.

From a sweater

How to Make a Cool Plank Bed for a Cat with Own Hands

If you decided to sew a stove bench from a sweater, remember that it is the best of all to choose natural, rather warm and dense yarn. If yarn is prickly, it can not be pleasant to your cat.

In advance prepare the following materials:

  • old woolen sweater;
  • sintepon or unnecessary pillow;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • needle.

Take a sweater and turn it inside out. It is necessary to cut off and sew up a mouth at once and also to sew sleeves together from one to another at the level of armpits. Fill the last with sintepon and evenly distribute it. Also fill the lower part of a sweater with sintepon or to put the small small pillow proportional to sweater width – for formation of a bottom. The pillow will save to you a lot of time and will make a plank bed more dense. Later sew up a bottom of a sweater and sew sleeves to a plank bed bottom – they will serve as sides. That's all, you gave to an old sweater the second life, and a cat – a convenient plank bed.

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